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 by Mr. Sparkle
9 months ago
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Less than a year ago. Puts things in perspective.

I don't think we will be in rebuild mode any time soon. Even if this season doesn't work out, I think things will be better next without much change to staff. Unlike the past where ever couple of years it needed to be blown up.

 by snackdaddy
9 months ago
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Things can turn on a dime in the NFL. As fans all we can do is hope they get better after they fall on their faces. I do get frustrated, but I've learned to roll with the punches. If there is a life during the offseason, then there's one during losing seasons. If anything this team has taught me over the years, its how to take losing in stride. And enjoy the winning while it lasts.

 by aeneas1
9 months ago
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if the rams went on to finish the year at 5-11, i'd still have a ton more optimism about next year vs how i felt when linny through fish paced the sidelines.

 by ramsfan1977
9 months ago
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Many successful teams take a full season to reboot after a long run in the playoffs. I can see that with our Rams.

 by DirtyFacedKid
9 months ago
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I'm pretty much looking past this season at this point. Mathematically, we can still get a post-season shot but, realistically we'd be one and done anyway. So I don't really care.

That said, I'm taking a "cup half full" approach to our current situation. 1) Next season we'll be in that sweet, new stadium and 2) Ticket prices to our remaining home games this season probably won't be going at a premium, which means I'll probably go to most of them. :D

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