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 by Elvis
4 years ago
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Jim (@jthom1) was kind enough to answer a few of our questions:

1.) The JT Meter
Actually the meter has been at 43-57 for a while, and after attending the NFL owners meetings in San Francisco that's where it stays. I would say it's somewhere between fun and scientific analysis. It's more gut feeling and instincts than anything else.

2.) If the Rams move, professionally
I've been at this for a while, much closer to the end of my sportswriting career than the beginning. If this took place earlier in my career, it would have much more of an impact. Some have asked if I would cover the team in LA, if that opportunity arose. Not sure on that. I've frequently joked that if the Rams left, I could go back to covering high school football. That's where it all started for me, after all.

3.) Bradford "misinformation"
It will have no impact on how I cover the team. Believe me, I've had worse things happen while covering a beat over the years. By the way, you're being very diplomatic in calling it "misinformation."

4.) Mike Martz
It's fairly obvious that Mike can be hard to work for and work with. But he is so good at what he does. He was 56-36 as Rams head coach, and the Greatest Show teams will go down in history among the most explosive offenses of all time. The franchise is 47-107-1 since he left. I kind of figured that once things didn't work out with Lovie Smith in Chicago that Mike might have a hard time getting back in the league.

5.) Exclusives
Not really. Good luck with your forum and thanks for your interest.
1.) Fisher/championship
Well, he came within a whisker of doing so with the Titans in 1999. I believe he's a smart football mind and a good motivator. But the current team appears stuck in the 7-9, 6-10 mode. And unless the team truly becomes dominant on defense, it's hard to see this squad making a run at a championship.

2.) Fisher mulligan
It sure looks that way. When I even bring up the fact that he could be on the hot seat at Rams Park after three consecutive losing seasons, team employees look at me like I've got 3 heads. Makes you wonder if Kroenke hasn't planned all along to have Fisher steer the team through a relocation because of past experience doing so with the Oilers/Titans.

3.) Kroenke's mind set
Interesting question, and the best I can say is I'm not sure. When he first became controlling owner it didn't seem that way _ you may recall his statements then about being a Missouri man, and being proud to help bring football back to St. Louis, etc. But by the time he was interviewing Fisher for the Rams coaching job in 2012, he was asking Fisher questions about what it was like with the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans relocation. I don't think Kroenke has displayed much patience in the entire stadium situation in St. Louis. Getting new stadiums built isn't easy; look around the league _ it can take years and years. If he was really committed to St. Louis he would realize this.

4.) Patriots cheating
If in fact the Patriots taped the Rams' Saturday walk-through before Super Bowl XXVI, I think it could have been a significant advantage. By that time in the practice week, you are definitely working on things you plan on using in the game. It's always been interesting to me how that incident was in many ways swept under the rug by the league, coming as it did after the Spygate incident involving the taping of the New York Jets signals by the Patriots. I regard it as worse than anything that happened in Deflategate. It all tarnishes the image off the Patriots and their accomplishments, but I think Belichick still gets in the Hall of Fame when all is said and done.

* * * *

1.) It's Barrett Jones' job to lose at center. He needs to stay healthy, obviously. Otherwise, he should be fine. Failing that, I think former Mizzou player Tim Barnes could do a solid job there as well if given the chance. I'm curious also to see more of Demetrius Rhaney, the seventh-round pick from a year ago. The coaches seem to be high on him.

 by Elvis
4 years ago
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And this is what we asked him:

Hi Jim,

thanks so much for doing this. I really appreciate it.

These questions are from me (Elvis):

first i just want to say, as a Rams fan who doesn't live in St. Louis, you've been my primary source of Rams news for the last 20 years (give or take) and i genuinely appreciate it. Thank You.

1. We have a JT Meter at Rams Fans United tracking your take on whether or not the Rams will move. Right now it's reading 56-44 Los Angeles. Is that still your reading? Also, digging the precision to 1%. Having a little fun, or highly sophisticated analysis?

2. If the Rams do move, what will happen to you professionally, and what will it mean to you personally?

3. Has the Bradford trade misinformation affected your ability to cover the team?

4. Why doesn't Mike Martz have a job in the NFL? It seems he must be carrying some seriously heavy baggage.

5. Anything you can tell us that would be exclusive to our fledgling fan forum?

These are from Gareth:

1. Do you believe Fisher has what it takes to win a championship?

2. If the Rams are moving, does Fisher get a mulligan if they have another crappy year since he's been through the move thing before?

3. Do you believe that Kroenke has had his mind set on LA all along or was he genuinely disappointed in the way St Louis has reacted to the stadium situation?

4. Do you believe that Patriots cheated before the 2000 Superbowl by taping the Rams walkthru and how significant of a violation is that? How much do think the Patriots legacy should be tarnished by that, spygate and deflation?

From dieterbrock:

1. I'm mostly concerned with the Oline, and what plans they have at center.

From Rams Fans United:

Thank you very much...

 by snackdaddy
4 years ago
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I've read a lot of St. Louis posters who still believe the Rams are staying. And if you contradict them, they get pretty angry. I guess its understandable. Some folks there are young enough that they don't know any team but the Rams. And they've invested a lot financially and emotionally in them. It ain't easy to see your beloved team leave. LA Rams fans can tell you how that feels. For the Rams I guess its like being torn between two lovers. And the lover who looks hotter and has more to offer might be the winner.

 by Hacksaw
4 years ago
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I feel for the kids too snackdaddy. Just like I did for the kids in LA. The Stl fans have treated the team well but think about it, they inherited the freakin Los Angeles Rams due to the BS of GF. Sure they don't want to see one of the more storied franchises in the league leave there, a place where the team should have never been in the first place.

Our boys are coming home. I can taste it. Cheers!!

 by Snow Man
3 years ago
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What a difference a year makes! JT, looks like you are getting kicked to the curb. Many L.A. fans want you to stay home and not to make the trip out west this summer. And not very long ago your words were like gold to them. I

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