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 by BobCarl
1 month ago
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Awesome commercial. ... anybody see it?

The commercial is shit without one person saying "I got your back". Dude's got a potential for an acting career.

Very inspirational!

 by Hacksaw
1 month ago
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What do they have each others backs about?

 by Elvis
1 month ago
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You'll have to click and watch on YouTube but here it is:

1 month ago
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Hacksaw wrote:What do they have each others backs about?

Life. I would assume in the midst of the current turmoil/climate....masks/no masks.....election fraud/no election fraud....we (the everyday people) need to stick together as one no matter our differences.

Of course it could just be being fans for your team

 by snackdaddy
1 month ago
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I remember way back in Navy boot camp. They stressed team work the whole time I was in boot camp. Then we graduate, go to our assigned base and find out its every man for himself. :lol2:

 by SolarRam
1 month ago
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@BobCarl...I agree, that commercial was badass and super inspirational. I was ready to get out of my comfy chair and go join them in getting someone's back...to me, that's what America is all about - competition, helping, standing up when necessary, and fighting for those that can't fight for themselves. Now...lets get some badass 12 man action at SoFi and get our team's back when they need us on D...and put enough Rams fans in the stands to keep things quiet when Stafford is under center.

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