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I bought two great SSL's through the friends and family offering before seats were made available to the public. The purchase was made over a year ago. I am now contemplating relocation and considering selling my SSL's and tickets. There is a provision in the SSL Agreement permitting resale. I contacted the Rams business office to ask how to facilitate a sale, and they said that SSL's can only be sold after the Rams play their first game. It seems ridiculous to me. Regardless, I plan to sell them by contract in advance of the first game and will conclude the transaction at the earliest possible time that the Rams organization will permit. Here are the details:

Rams SSL - SoFi Stadium - Row 1 - 3rd Level - Section 348 - 40 Yard Line - 2 Seats - Rams side of the Stadium.
There are no 1st-row seats available anywhere in the stadium. These tickets were acquired through Friends & Family of the Rams, prior to tickets going on-sale to the long waiting lists, or to the public.
No more standing to see the game (Unless you want to).
There are only 9 rows in this section, and it is at grade with the dedicated entry gate.
Premier Seating - Gold Membership
Includes the right to purchase VIP parking.
Dedicated entry gate.
Access to exclusive semi-private concourse space and premier lounge.
Priority playoff access.
Presale opportunity to purchase tickets for other stadium events prior to reserved seat holders based on Promoter.
VIP access to team events.
SSL does not include the price of season tickets or parking. Ticket prices are $200 per ticket, per game, guaranteed for 3 years (excluding Playoff tickets).
The buyer shall pay transfer fees, if any, per the terms of the SSL Agreement.
Serious Inquiries Only.
$35,000 for both.

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