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 by aeneas1
4 months ago
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here's a look at some drive stats circa 2017-2019...


interestingly, as much as the rams offense has looked out of sync at times, they've arguably done better than the 2017 offense - through week 5 the 2019 rams offense is averaging more offensive points per game than the 2017 rams offense, they've scored more tds per drive (26.3% vs 25.7%), and overall offensive scoring (tds + fgs) is close to a wash (47.4% vs 48.0%)... of course when comparing the 2019 rams offense to the 2018 offense, things are down, especially tds per drive %, 26.3% vs 32.5%.

i guess you could argue that the 2019 rams offense should be doing better than the 2017 offense given year 3 in the system, but truth be told a pretty high bar was set in 2017.

also interesting is that mcvay is finding himself in unfamiliar waters in terms of score when the offense takes the field - through week 5 the rams rank 15th in % of offensive drives started when trailing, i.e. the rams have trailed more than ever before when the offense has taken, last year the rams ranked 5th and in 2017 they ranked league best, no other offense took the field with the lead more often as the 2017 rams.


what can you say? through week 5 they rank 21st in scoring drives allowed and 20th in td drives allowed - last year wasn't much different, they ranked 19th in scoring drives allowed and 18th in td drives allowed.

i guess you could point to where rams opponents have started their drives on average this season, their own 34, which is bad, in fact only the jets' opponents have enjoyed better field position to start drives, yet the jets rank 8th best in scoring drives allowed and 12th in td drives allowed.





% of offensive drives when trailing rankings 2017-2019 (fuckin' patriots):


 by Hacksaw
4 months ago
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That's interesting stuff. Eye test and result stats match.
How does the d get better?

 by Rams1PlateSince1976
4 months ago
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Kind of narrows it down. Turnovers and Kicking. We are behind on turnovers and have been slacking on kicking (compared to our normal excellence.) A couple of kickoffs that went out of bounds and a couple shanked/short punts

 by snackdaddy
4 months ago
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The defense is still bad compared to last year. The only difference is they come up with new and exciting ways to give up plays. :oops2:

This would be a good time to get better. Jimmy GQ is capable of turning the ball over. They gotta force the issue with that.

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