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 by aeneas1
4 months ago
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ha ha, does he love to do these things or what? :D :shock2:

its interesting, the only time he ever seems warm and accessible during these things, as opposed to his usual "can we get this this stupid thing over with" mode, is when he's asked about rams players and staff, or other players including guys he came into the league with, or even guys currently playing in the ncaa, he loves to give them props, someting he also does regularly on social media... he really is one of the least "me" nfl guys i've seen in a very long time, when he says he's happy for malcolm and/or darrell, when he says it's up to the coaches who gets the call, when he says he's just one of a lot of guys on the team, he really means it imo.

anyway, found his response to being asked about his new practice schedule interesting:

"it's been the exact same thing the last couple of years, it's nothing new, i don't know if you've been paying attention, the last couple of years, but my schedule, as far as practice, has been the exact same way."

also, he attended a soccer game tuesday night at the coliseum, and tmz caught him driving away after the game in his cool little toy... me? his knee has to be in good shape in order to get into that thing, that peanut shell, i have two healthy knees and i doubt i could get into it!

 by dieterbrock
4 months ago
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Looks "overworked" to me

 by max
4 months ago
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I asked Vinny about several players. Invariably he said "great guy." He went out of his way to rave about Kupp as the nicest guy. Said BAllen was unbelievably funny. But when I asked about Gurley, he rolled his eyes and said "Todd is Todd, he's been ornery."

I asked him if it bothered Todd that he wasn't named Captain, and Vinny said he didn't know.

My take is that this is Goff's team now. Gurley is no longer the face, add in the doubters, and he's gonna be ornery.

 by Elvis
4 months ago
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Vinny said on his podcast that he thought the Rams/McVay's approach to public statements on Gurley's health are coming from Gurley. He didn't say he knew it for sure but that was what Vinny thought was probably going on.

My take would be Gurley's a little nervous/superstitious about his knee and just doesn't want to talk about it. It's bad juju. He said as much, possibly jokingly, in a presser.

“Y’all have got to stop putting this bad energy in my knee, man,” Gurley said. “Just let it be.”

But i don't think it's true that Gurley's practicing the same this year as last.

Still, in the end, it's all about gameday...

 by Elvis
4 months ago
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https://www.dailynews.com/2019/09/13/to ... ance-plan/

Todd Gurley sits out practice as Rams include him in health maintenance plan

By KEVIN MODESTI | [email protected] | Daily News
PUBLISHED: September 13, 2019 at 5:31 pm | UPDATED: September 13, 2019 at 5:31 pm

THOUSAND OAKS — Todd Gurley appeared on the Rams’ injury report Friday, not on the practice field. That’s nothing to cause alarm. But it sends a loud signal.

It confirms that the coaches will treat their star ball carrier and pro football’s most talked-about left knee more gingerly this season, hoping regular rest between games will keep Gurley fit for performances like his 89-yard second half in the Rams’ victory at Carolina last Sunday.

He is fully expected to start when the Rams (1-0) face the New Orleans Saints (1-0) Sunday at the Coliseum.

Gurley did practice Wednesday and Thursday before sitting out Friday, in keeping with head coach Sean McVay’s stated plan for the running back to go “probably two out of three days” depending on how he feels. Essentially Gurley is getting what are commonly called veterans’ days off, similar to what the Rams give to left tackle Andrew Whitworth, 37. What makes it remarkable is that Gurley just turned 25.

McVay said it’s not specifically about the knee, which kept Gurley out of two games and appeared responsible for his lighter workload at the end of last season.

Gurley, too, tried to downplay it in his weekly appearance in the Rams press room Thursday evening.

“It’s been the exact same thing the last couple of years. It’s nothing new,” Gurley said when a reporter asked if he has a definitive practice schedule. “I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention the last couple of years, but my schedule as far as practice has been the exact same way.”

For the benefit of those who, for whatever unimaginable reason, have not been paying rapt attention to Todd Gurley’s practice schedule the last couple of years: No, this is not exactly the same. He took occasional practice days off during the 2018 season. It was during training camp this summer that he basically began skipping alternate days.

Friday’s Rams injury report notes that he missed practice but, under “Injury,” says “Not injury related.”

Sunday would be a good time to prove Gurley is, as he says, “fine.” Two sharp halves would mark a contrast from the Panthers game, in which Gurley took a back seat (8 yards on 5 carries) to Malcolm Brown in the first 30 minutes before playing a crucial role in keeping L.A. in front in the second.

The two Saints games were among Gurley’s least productive last year: 68 yards rushing, 11 receiving in the Saints’ win in Week 9, 10 rushing and 4 receiving (on 4 carries and 1 catch) in the Rams’ win in the NFC championship game).

“I’m not going to have a good game every game. I’ve had 50-plus good games, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had five or six bad games. That’s just football,” Gurley said this week.

The 2017 NFL Offensive Player of the Year seems to be using questions about his health for motivation.

He posted a slick hype video on social media the day before the Carolina game, featuring clips of TV talking heads predicting his decline and ending with Gurley shouting into the camera on the sideline of a game: “Don’t play with me!”

He was asked this week what the video aimed to express.

“Just a video,” Gurley said. “You can take it however you want to take it. Whoever. Just a video.”

Rams right tackle Rob Havenstein said teammates shut out the chatter about Gurley.
“I’m not going to speak on anyone’s health or anything like that,” Havenstein said. “All I have to say is we’re listening to the noise in this room, and what we see from the guys in practice, and how we see the guys train, guys lift, guys go about their business on a day-to-day basis in this building. That’s all we’re worried about.

“I’m never going to doubt Todd Gurley.”

Medical updates

Safety Eric Weddle was cleared from concussion protocol and returned to full practice Friday. Linebacker Clay Matthews (back) and defensive end Michael Brockers (shoulder) also returned to full practice. They’re all expected to play Sunday.

Weddle said he received seven stitches above his right temple after being bloodied by a knee to the side of the head from Carolina’s Christian McCaffrey and leaving the game in the second quarter.

As frightening as the play looked, Weddle said he didn’t lose consciousness and was “perfectly fine” in the locker room by halftime.

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