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 by Zen_Ronin
4 months ago
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Pro Bowl

Just sayin

 by sloramfan
4 months ago
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Pro Bowl

63 is not doing tailgates anymore???

that is unsettling news... so where do those of us that go to the games meet?

go rams


 by aeneas1
4 months ago
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wow, sure didn't take the rams long to get weddle to join their organization-wide player injury misinformation campaign... my guess is, truth be told, weddle is actually suffering from degenerative cranial arthritis, hopefully the rams can manage it.

seriously, bizarre injury in terms of the blood / laceration... seems that they believe it was sharp edges below the helmet padding, but i wonder if the helmet radio speaker could have become dislodged and caused it?

 by Hacksaw
4 months ago
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QFTOS: AINT"S Pre Game Edition: .........continued

Panthers looked bad and the Rams didn’t do anything to wow me either.
If we can stop their run and have Goff beat us, I’m not sure that he can.

I'm most worried about their WRs. Especially after our breakdowns in the 2ndary Monday night. I expect them to score @least 20 on us so we need to drop another 30 or more

I think getting Onyamata(?) back will help a lot and getting after Goff up the middle will help with the secondary I hope. We have to get them one dimensional.

Meanwhile, the Rams punter had one kick nearly blocked in the 1st half, and the Panthers blocked one in 2nd half. Will the Saints go after him too?
And BTW, IMO, Morestead n Lutz are the best P/K duo in the league!!!

"So long as the refs behave"

That's 1 big "so long"

After what happened to us with the refs last year, coming into this game you’d THINK they’d b on their Ps n Qs n get things right.

I am rooting for the Silence of the Lambs

Goff most likely has a better game this week vs last week against the Panthers. All of his numbers when playing at home (completion percentage, Td/Interceptions, yards per pass/game, etc) are better.
In our previous three matchups I’ve also noticed how Sean McVay’s play calling includes very quick release pass plays to avoid our pass rush which has been very successful for them.

The fact that they have three good WRs is scary.

If our run D doesn't tighten up, it will be a long game. Getting Onyemata back definitely will help, but the whole D has to play better. Geaux Saints! Who dat!!!

Thanks for posting the Goff passing chart. Goff was 0-for-4 and an INT on passes for 15+ yards. Not very scary.
So everybody says Brees has no arm strength? Brees was 6-for-7 and a TD on passes more than 15 yards.

what McCaffrey did against the Rams D - he totally abused them up the middle

Goff and the offense are much better at home. Their strength at the WR position is a bad matchup for our weakness at DB.

I'm really more concerned about stopping the run. If we give up passes, I think we can still win. If we can't stop the run, I don't think we can win.

Kupp will be open from the slot all day against PJ. The pass rush needs to get home early and often to rattle Goff.

Most concerning is the run game. It’s not just Gurley anymore. We’ll have to shut down Brown also. I want to see some sacks on their lame play action passes.

Their defense is cocky but overrated.
Throw something at them where they think they’re seeing one thing but it’s something different. I know Payton has been waiting for this game all offseason. I think Jared Cook will change the dynamic of this matchup. And we need Ginn and Smith to have big games.

They can't sleep on Gurley. I don't think he's 100% the same back he was, but they used him perfectly in the Carolina game.

I think if we execute on offense and commit to running the ball (Rams could not stop the run against the Panthers) and tackle well on defense, I think we will do just fine.
Also, their special teams seems to have taken a huge step back from last season.

Goff will be better at home. IIRC, his home/road splits are pretty extreme, maybe because he doesn't have to contend with crowd noise when McVay makes his pre-snap reads for him.

If the Saints do not come out breathing fire with an absolute point to prove after last year's heartbreak, then I will be bitterly disappointed.

I actually think Kupp is gonna kill us.

(Rams) starters played zero preseason games. That's what you saw last Sunday. It will take another game or so for them to round into timing and form.
It wont be this game. You may see glimpses, but sustaining it ...another story.

Goff will Target (Kupp) on most third down passes. Control him and the Saints win.

I have been listening to Rams podcasts this week, and when people have talked about Kupp this week they have all said that Goff’s #1, #2, and #3 targets are Kupp, Kupp, Kupp.

"Let's not let their best player beat us. That's a sin."
- - -Coach Sean Payton

No it’s all about the pass rush. You put heat on Goff and Saints win by double digits. It’s that simple.

We saw the best WR corps that we will see the rest of the regular season this past Monday. The Rams don't scare me.

This will be another nail biter game. Get your defibrillator ready and pop some ambien before the game. Also recommend calling your local hospital to reserve a room.

It's ON !!!!!

 by RedAlice
4 months ago
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So nice that they can’t just talk about how loud their dome is and have to talk about the actual game and players.

 by DirtyFacedKid
4 months ago
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Hoping, praying, sacrificing my first born*, that last week was a case of the Rustys.

*Do not attempt

 by DirtyFacedKid
4 months ago
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Corona Beach House!! Full bar (sort of) and TVs.

 by LARams_1963
4 months ago
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Sorry, just posted a thread... didn't see this one .. LOL. We are going to hit "The Fields" (complex between the soccer stadium and the coliseum). Then the Corona beach club!


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