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 by BobCarl
1 year ago
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Claremontram wrote:McVay has the knack.
Well played.

 by Flash
1 year ago
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BobCarl wrote:I hope McVay doesn't think that the 11-personnel is the magic beans of the NFL. If so, he will fade into non-existence just like the "My Sharona" one hit wonder song of 1979 did.

Teams will find ways to shut the 11 personnel down (If you don't believe me just ask the Patriots)

But I don't think McVay is that stupid.

I think McVay has been great at taking the players he was dealt, and exploiting their strengths vs the defenses that they go up against.

McVay didn't draft Gurley .... McVay didn't draft Goff ... yet McVay found a way to make both of these players VERY successful.

Given Gurley, and given Goff ... McVay needs a certain types of WR's ... he doesn't need prima donnas like Crabtree and Watkins ... he needs WR's like Cooks, Kupp, and Woods.

In Washington, McVay was fucking brilliant in how he used the TE ... Is he a failure now because his TE's haven't put up "impressive" numbers? </rhteorical>

No, I don't think McVay is a one-hit TE-based offense wonder ... and I don't think that McVay is a one-hit 11-personal wonder either.

I think McVay is an offensive genius that will make the best out of playing the cards he is dealt.

But here is the challenge with McVay ... how that he is becoming more responsible for who is on the team.

Will McVay be as successful with HIS players as he has been with Jay Gruden's and Jeff Fisher's players?

Are you forgetting about the smash hit Good Girls Don't?

 by AvengerRam
1 year ago
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Flash wrote:Are you forgetting about the smash hit Good Girls Don't?

I think we all did.

The Knack: Greatest Hits
My Sharona
My Sharona (live)
My Sharona (disco remix)
My Sharona (MTV Unplugged)
My Sharona (hip hop remix featuring Snoop Dog)
Mi Sharona (International Remix)
My Sharona (The Knack featuring the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra)

 by Hacksaw
1 year ago
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And don't forget "That's What The Little Girls Do" or "Your Number Or Your Name". All good tunes. I'd call them a 1 'album' wonder..

My band used to play Sharona back in the 80's, , however we not so cleverly exchanged the word Sharona with a rhyming word which is part of the male anatomy. Pretty lame looking back.

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