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 by Hacksaw_64
1 year ago
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Here's a great one. Play around with it draftniks!


2018 NFL Draft Day Trade Chart(Interactive)

http://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value ... stTeam=LAR


2018 Combine measurable tracker

https://www.ndtscouting.com/nfl-scoutin ... t-tracker/

Free Draft Simulator

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Merry Xmas Check this out

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More to come...

 by BobCarl
1 year ago
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according to the chart:

the Rams have eight picks and a total of 1062 points
the Rams best spot on the chart is #23 in the 1st

If the chart's points represents fair value, then the Rams should be able to trade all 8 picks, move up to #14 overall and come out ahead.


Suppose Green Bay offers their #14 (1100 pts) overall for all eight of our picks (1062)... do we accept the trade :?:
Suppose Cleveland offers their #1 (3000 pts) overall for all eight of our picks ... do we accept?

If a "bird in the hand" is worth two in the bush ... do we accept a 2018 #1 overall and a 2019 #1 overall for Aaron Donald?


I say "NO" to all three trades. Makes me question the validity of the chart's point values

 by Legends
1 year ago
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I remember Les Snead saying he does better after the top rounds. Mark what I say he will trade out of the first round for more picks. Really how sure of a thing is the guy you get at 23 ?

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