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....the postseason and the World Series. What I mean is Justin Turner just passed Duke Snider for Dodger postseason homers with his 12th. The difference is ALL of Snider's were World Series homers and that was the ONLY postseason in which he had an opportunity. 7 games a season. Today's players can play up to 20 games a season, this season even more. Nothing against Turner, I love the guy but I hated it when they'd compare Reggie Jackson (18 PS HRs) to Mickey Mantle (18 WS HRs). Or how Manny Ramierez (29 PS HRs) was the shit with 4 World Series homers. Manny hit a WS homer once every 5.25 games. Mantle hit a World Series homer once every 3.61 games.

Wow, great catch by Betts!!!

But back to the comparisons. People might say, "yeah but postseason is pressure packed" and I'd agree. But prior to League Championship Series, players would face the best team in the other league and many times, the best pitching staff. In the LDS you could be facing the 4th best team in your own league and many times the 4th best pitching staff. So yes, the postseason is pressure packed but the World Series has the most pressure than the LCS which has more pressure than the LDS, which probably doesn't have as much pressure as a 1 off Wild Card game which is like a game 7.

Anyway, kudos to Turner just the same. Only guy to hit a first inning World Series homer in consecutive games, as hard as that is to fathom.

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Aaron should still have the HR record.

Rose should be HOF.

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