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 by Elvis
6 months ago
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moklerman wrote:I take it the Forum is too outdated? I suppose the Clippers wouldn't want sloppy seconds either but it seems like becoming a part of the Kroenke complex wouldn't be so bad.

The forum has been renovated into a concert venue. It's very nice but not suitable for sports anymore.

This thread was originally in Rams/NFL because it tied in with what the Rams were doing in Inglewood but perhaps it's time for it to move to Other Sports...

 by Fire407
6 months ago
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Practice Squad

Although they did have the UFC Light Heavyweight title fight in the Forum with Jon Jones this past December, after it was moved from Las Vegas. It's still decent for concerts and some fighting events, but I expect some bigger concert events will be at the new stadium.

 by JackPMiller
4 weeks ago
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 by moklerman
3 weeks ago
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St. Loser Fan wrote:

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