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 by Horny Mcbae
3 years ago
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Pro Bowl

Epic headers. I loved the coliseum one from the last batch.

 by aeneas1
3 years ago
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ha ha, yeah, those postseason headers pretty much ran their course, apologies for letting them run so long but, honestly, i'm with hm, really liked those coliseum shots, never got tired of them.... anyhoo, didn't have much time to dig for super hi-rez images for this round of headers, so i cheated by giving a lot of the images a glowing/soft effect in photoshop, at least it gets rid of jaggies found in lower rez photos, at least most of the time... tell ya what tho, got a bit sad putting together the photo of tree/quinn/tru, those guys played their hearts out for the horns, gonna miss all of them....

 by SWAdude
3 years ago
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Pro Bowl


As always, great job a1

 by sloramfan
3 years ago
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Pro Bowl


i like the tribute to the departed, and the incoming...

i really hope the GB corner ( sam shields) stays healthy and keeps his head up... he must really bring the wood to have suffered so many concussions...

thanks A1, i got to a point where i appreciated the playoff headers, as i got over the loss, and was appreciative of the past season...

go rams


 by Elvis
3 years ago
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New players, new league year, new headers, it's all good.

Time to look forward...

 by dieterbrock
3 years ago
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Great stuff. Thanks for all you do A1!!

 by HighRoller
3 years ago
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The thought and effort put into these headers is internet leading.

Very well done. (golf clap) :)

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