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 by Will0120
2 months ago
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9/9 Update:

For those of you that want to spy on the league, here is the public link:



9/2 Update:

Alrighty, the live draft will be set for Wednesday (9/8), 6pm!

Now, rule discussion!

when I first started this league, I had adjusted the scoring for rushing yards from the default 10 yards / point to 15 yards / point since I believe the RB's were overly dominating the landscape/scoring. The passing yards for receivers stayed at the default 10 yards / point.

However, looking at the trend for the past couple seasons, I think the receivers are getting too dominating while the RB's are not getting their dues unless they are scoring TD's. Therefore, I propose moving the rushing yards back to the default 10 yards / point.

I'll put it up for a vote for 3 days. Please let me know your thoughts!


8/25/2021 Update:

With all the managers in place now, it's time to decide on live draft date/time. I've created a poll for everyone to vote on. I'll leave this poll open till EOD Wednesday, September 1st.

For your reference, the season opener is Thursday, September 10th. The Labour Day Monday is September 6th. All times listed are PST.

Sunday (9/5), noon
Monday (9/6), noon
Tuesday (9/7), 6pm
Wednesday (9/8), 6pm


8/11/2021 Update:

With the roster confirmation period over, we now have 1 spot open. Please DM or reply to this thread with you a brief description of your fantasy football experience thus far. We are fine with rookie managers but want to make sure that the managers will participate consistently throughout the season regardless of the standings/performance.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Hello everyone!

The burning question that everyone has been asking: "Would Will, the commissioner, finally get the season # correct this time around?".

Well folks, worry not, I've finally got it this time around, only took 6 years, or is it 5...? Ah nevermind... :oops2: :roll2: ;)

Welcome back to our 6th season of the RFU Fantasy Football League! With just over a month before the season starts, we will start off by confirming the participation of all the returning managers. Once we have done that, we will open up the remaining spots for rookie managers. We will stay in the 14-team format for this season as well.

As usual, after the participation confirmation, we will then dive into rule modification discussion, setting live draft time, etc. right after.

Here is the list of managers that I haven't heard from or talked to, please DM or leave a reply here and I'll remove your name from the list below once I have heard from ya. (And yes peeps, I saw your replies from the Season 5 thread).

We will leave the participation confirmation window open until next Monday (August 9th) EOD. :!2:

Talk to you all soon! 8-)

 by AltiTude Ram
2 months ago
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I'm in.

Hopefully I don't lose my 1st round pick to a season ending injury in week 2 again.

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