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 by AvengerRam
1 week ago
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In 2020, here is the breakdown of targets and target % by receiver and position:

Robert Woods 129 (23.0%)
Cooper Kupp 124 (22.1%)
Josh Reynolds 81 (14.4%)
Van Jefferson 31 (5.5%)
Wide Receivers 365 (65.0% )

Gerald Everett 62 (11.0%)
Tyler Higbee 60 (10.7%)
Johnny Mundt 4 (0.7%)
Tight Ends 126 (22.4%)

Malcolm Brown 33 (5.9%)
Darrell Henderson 24 (4.3%)
Cam Akers 14 (2.5%)
Running Backs 71 (12.6%)

How will 2021 break down?

I expect a few differences.

1. While Woods and Kupp will likely be the most targeted receivers, I suspect that their percentages will go down. Van Jefferson could/should get as many targets as Reynolds did last year, and DeTu Jackwell will likely get more targets than Jefferson did last year.

2. At TE, I think Higbee will get the same amount of targets, perhaps slightly more. The rest of the group, though, will probably get limited opportunities.

3. I think we'll see an increase of RB targets, with Akers getting the biggest jump. I'd bet he'll get more than Brown had last year (maybe around 3/game).

How do you see the ball being distributed this year?

 by 69RamFan
1 week ago
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I see too many skill players and not enough balls,,,

Thats a good thing to have.... :D :D :D

 by Elvis
1 week ago
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Stafford threw to the TE a lot in Detroit. I will not be surprised to see more TE targets this year. Who will get them (if it happens)? Probably Higbee but who knows...

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If they establish early on, anybody can get the ball, it will make defending all of them that much more difficult. I'd like to see better use of the RBs in the passing game. @Elvis ... I expect the TEs.to be more involved particularly in the RZ

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