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 by actionjack
1 week ago
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Elvis wrote:There's been a lot of buzz so far on Jacob Harris, apparently getting some work with the 1's today (Higbee had a rest day) and making plays in general...

yep it def appears that way. He has the thing you cant teach, "hands". Going to take some time to get adjusted to the pro game, but I could see this guy making some plays this season.

 by 69RamFan
1 week ago
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Looking at other boards about Jacob Harris,

People are wondering why at HT: 6-5 WT: 219lbs, he is listed as a TE... with 4.39 speed....

Well it doesn't matter,,, I see him being use as a combo type position player in games snaps as in an Everett/Reynolds mold. They both played the same type of passing routes and blocking schemes.

So this kid should be able to pull it off,,, he is faster and taller than Everett and Reynolds.

Just needs to learn the system.

 by Elvis
1 week ago
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And that's a wrap for OTAs and minicamp.

McVay says he'll be in Greece and Monaco over the break.

Usually a slow time but wasn't Snead in Hawaii when the Peters trade went down?

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