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 by azramsfan93
2 weeks ago
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majik wrote:I don’t think the OP thinks it is to spite Goff, they just honestly believe that the OL provided adequate protection (contrary to the eye test in numerous contests) and that it was the bad decisions of Goff (can’t read defenses, process fast enough) that caused the issues.

What you are describing is not a narrative (a presentation of a position) but an analysis done by professionals. I believe what you are stating is true. Maybe that is what the OP meant, but it not how I read it.

 by Elvis
2 weeks ago
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Since Olando Pace have we drafted even one LT that panned out?

Barron, Smith, Saffold, Robinson? Saffold obviously found his place as an excellent guard but not a LT in the bunch.

We'll see about Noteboom but just drafting a guy doesn't mean you've solved the problem...

 by HarRam
2 weeks ago
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Their history with picking a suitable LT does have to make you wonder. But I think that that, in part, is responsible for, and justifies using their first round picks to get proven, topline players such as Ramsey and Stafford. It also serves to remind you that these draft picks are projections, with no guarantees.

One other aspect as to who you pick, when and why, that I haven't seen discussed, is that they're not only looking at need and projected talent in this year's class, but how that individual compares to past years' talent and what they have on the team already, although not at a starting position, but is a known quantity.

For example, there might have been a player or two who they could've drafted at center this year, but compared to the talent they already have on the team, the pick isn't worth it. Brian Allen, IIRC, was a 4th round pick. So if you put him up against this year's talent, how does he compare? If he's as good as the available centers in this year's draft, and you still would've graded him as a 3 or 4 round pick, then it makes sense to pass on this year's bunch and add quality and quantity at positions that typically translate into special teams players, especially punt and kick coverage, or other positions of need.

I also believe that Les Snead and Sean McVay are not drafting only for this year, but next year as well. They have to have guys in the pipeline ready to play when a first team player hits his UFA.

There's also the cap considerations. A team cap strapped like us, needs to find capable players in the lower rounds as the cap hit is lower. The percentages say you need more candidates due to the lower odds of finding the hidden gems. So you trade back and accumulate picks.

I guess, what I'm saying is management's considerations are much more multi-dimensional than need and rated talent in this year's draft. They have to compare this year's talent to past year's drafts, to what they already have available and who are known quantities, and they have to pay attention to what next year's free agency situation is going to be. With all that, I don't think anybody but those who are in the room, who had access to all of the scouting reports and making the decisions, can say they blew it. Just too many things to consider.

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