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 by actionjack
2 weeks ago
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I think the Rams clearly wanted to beef up special teams. There arent a lot of starting positions open, so you draft players that can help you on ST now and eventually take over starting positions or major back roles.

i think my main concern is DB/S and OLB health. I think the o-line will be good, we got a QB who can use his legs enough to give us a chance. Hopefully Corbett starts and we can use Evans bulk at guard. I think we have a lot of talent in the o-line room, the question is center...

 by max
2 weeks ago
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Elvis wrote:We're all in every year. That's what they said when we signed Suh. This is how we roll. It's our normal.

But it's also a little ironic since we seem to look ahead, at least somewhat, with our draft picks.

You look at players like Hopkins, Henderson, VJ, just because they don't contribute a lot as rookies doesn't mean they don't figure. Same with the Oline, Dline too.

We do a lot to win now, trading substantial resources for proven players while giving our rookies time to develop. Nothing's absolute but this does to be a substantial part of how we go about things...

Good take. That’s why I said I didn’t know their money situation next year and the impact that would have on their OL.

I’m thinking they’ve got it covered for next year moneywise. And that they learned their lesson from 2019 when the rolled with 2 inexperienced guys in Noteboom and Allen and got a bad result. They may need to pay some FAs substantial money next year to play OL. Odds are against Whitworth lasting beyond this year.

2 weeks ago
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max wrote:Odds are against Whitworth lasting beyond this year.

I'd go so far to say, odds are against him lasting the season. Would he have come back had he not been injured last year? He'll be 40 in December and after a certain point in your career, you don't get better (or healthier) with age.

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