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 by Elvis
1 week ago
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Williams had a deal with his shoulder after that pass break up but i've heard nothing about it since so gonna assume he's fine...

 by ramsman34
1 week ago
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ramsrams wrote:I love smart, instinctual football players.

This guy is one.

Whether it is sniffing out a screen, setting an edge, or just being in the right position, he is doing it all.

Obviously not the only reason the D is vastly improved this year, but I watch this guy closely every game, and he is playing at an All-Pro level. Playing the game the right way.

What a pick up! Well done, Les and co.

Seven sacks in nine games to boot. And not the Clay Matthews cleaning up AD’s detritus type of sacks for the most part. He is earning them.

He has taken a non-descript Rams LB corp and raised it to the next level.

I really enjoy watching him play.


Totally agree with all of this. Great take! The ONLY thing I don’t like is that he leaves his feet pretty often on pump fakes. Small blemish. I think he is a palpable upgrade to Fowler. His enthusiasm is infectious. I truly hope the Rams can find a way to get him signed. I think he wants to be here now. But he also wants to get paid; is there a meeting in the middle in the offing?

I do think the back up plan is Lewis and Obo. It’s not a bad plan either. But having those two AND Flo would be superior. There also might be another Flo out there just waiting to blossom?

 by safer
6 days ago
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I've found out that crow tastes really shitty :D :shock2: I was against paying this guy that much. I don't see any way that he's a Ram next year, but he is a huge man for us now while Obo and Lewis gain experience. Ebukam will also be gone next year too, because of Obo and Lewis. Man, he sheds block really well!

 by Hacksaw
6 days ago
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The NFL revolving door spins far too quickly

 by Indrid Cold
6 days ago
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If the NFL sticks to this Covid-induced reduced cap next year (I've read $175M), then yeah it's not only going to be tough to sign Floyd but really anybody. If you believe Spotrac, we'd be #28 in cap space for next year at -$18M (and yeah that's a negative symbol) with 42 players under contract. At least we aren't the Saints at -$95M.


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