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6 months ago
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Rams next win will be McVay's 40th joining some historic Rams head coaches first 4 years.

McVay: 11-5, 13-3, 9-7, 6-3 = 39-18 (.684.2)

Knox I, 44-11-1 (.794.6)
Allen, 40-13-3 (.741.1)
Martz, 43-21 (.671.9)
Robinson, 40-24 (.625.0)

I know we've discussed "can he sustain it" but so far, so good. He needs 5 wins to best Martz in winning percentage. It'll also tie Knox for most wins in the first 4. Very good company.

 by Gareth
6 months ago
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And let’s not forget that McVay took over a team following a complete decade of futility. Turned it around immediately.

Of course he makes mistakes but I think he is underappreciated. He’s excellent and has a brilliant future.

 by Elvis
6 months ago
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Winning the SB is obviously the standard but i really couldn't be much happier with our HC.

Gareth and i lobbied Demoff last year to extend McVay's contract, no regrets...

 by ramsrams
6 months ago
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If only he could speak English in his pressers.

 by safer
6 months ago
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It's harder for any coach to have as high of winning percentage as back when. There is waaaay more parity now, due to the salary cap; practice squad players being available to other teams, and the science the draft process has become now, vs. what it was 30-50 years ago.
Fewer good players are falling threw the cracks vs what it was even ten years ago.
And because of that the draft helps the poorer teams much more now.

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