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2 weeks ago
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When we drafted Goff many loved the move. Some didn't. After going through year one in the Jeff Fisher, non-offensive offense he blossomed under McVay. He's had some bad games (most recently SF and Miami), he's had some good games (most recently Chicago) and some great games like Minnesota and KC 2018. It's a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately experience and we've questioned his play at times this year (and rightfully so). We have hope that between he and McVay, they'll get things turned around. And let's face it, they need to turn it around. Having said that, we must remember who we had at QB since we surged back to relevance in 1999.

Green was the future but then Warner came out of the blue. Bulger took over for Warner and to some degree, he was judged by what Warner did, which was a bit unfair to him. He was good and then battering after ugly battering took it's toll. We had Jamie Martin fill in from time to time during the Bulger years, a second round of Trent Green in 2008 and then a long list of nobodies and hopefuls that didn't work out. Berlin, Null, Boller, Fitzpatrick, Frerotte, Bradford, Hill, Davis, Foles and Keenum, then finally Goff.

In roughly 4 years (7 games in 2016, 2017-2019 and 8 games this year) Goff has amassed some impressive accomplishments including a Superbowl appearance. With 3 more TD's he'll pass Warner for #5 on the Rams list. He already passed first Warner then Van Brocklin this year for #4 in yards. He has the lowest interception percentage of any Rams QB with 70 TD passes, by far. And though his winning percentage, which is a reflection on team more than QB, is behind guys like Haden, Gabriel, Van Brocklin and Warner, if you take his baptism by offensive incompetence in his rookie year out, he only trails Warner. I'd think if KW started his career under Ground Chuck instead of the Martz influenced Vermiel, he wouldn't have the great win percentage he currently sports.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, yeah we've had some bumps but all in all we were looking for a franchise QB when we drafted Goff and collectively, he's performed well over the last 3 and half years. Has he lived up to expectations? For me, yeah. Of course, what he does the second half of this year will determine how Rams Nation feels about that.

 by snackdaddy
1 week ago
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I don't think there is any question we have a good quarterback. One we can win with. One we have won with. Yes, he does have some warts in his game. But nothing he can't improve on.

For a whole decade before 2017 we were in quarterback hell. And coaching hell while we're at it. We have our quarterback for now and the future. Is he elite, first team all pro caliber? No. But how many are? You can probably count them on one hand and still have a couple fingers left. We have a solid team with a quarterback they can win with. How many teams can say that?

 by AvengerRam
1 week ago
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again... you have to consider Goff's age. He just turned 26. Here's a comparison of Goff and some other prominent QBs before the age of 27:

Most Passing Yards (Season)
Jared Goff 4,688 (2018)
Aaron Rodgers 4,434 (2009)
Tom Brady 3,692 (2004)
Drew Brees 3,576 (2005)

Passing TDs (Season)
Jared Goff 32 (2018)
Aaron Rodgers 30 (2009)
Tom Brady 28 (2002)
Drew Brees 27 (2004)

Passer Rating (Season)
Drew Brees 104.8 (2004)
Aaron Rogers 103.2 (2009)
Jared Goff 101.1 (2018)
Tom Brady 86.5 (2001)

Now... does this mean that Jared Goff will get to the level of Brady, Brees and Rodgers? Of course not.

What it does mean, however, is that he is still a young QB who has accomplished a lot and can still improve! In fact, I'd argue that QBs like Goff, who are more of the pocket passer/roll-out type than the duel-threat type, often are the ones who take a little longer to develop (and, in many cases, have greater longevity).

So, given all that... I'm glad we have Goff signed for the next few years, and I look forward to seeing his continued development.

1 week ago
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Good stuff AVR.

Here's some more.

Pass attempts last 3 years:
1,764 Tom Brady
1,753 Matt Ryan
1,674 Philip Rivers
1,664 Jared Goff
1,612 Dak Prescott

Pass completions last 3 years:
1,172 Matt Ryan
1,133 Tom Brady
1,097 Philip Rivers
1,079 Kirk Cousins
1,065 Derek Carr

(Goff 1054)

Passing yards last 3 years:
13,485 Matt Ryan
13,438 Philip Rivers
13,130 Jared Goff
12,989 Tom Brady
12,111 Dak Prescott

Passing TDs last 3 years:
100 Russell Wilson
85 Tom Brady
83 Kirk Cousins
83 Philip Rivers
82 Jared Goff

Oddly, I don't see Wentz on any of those lists. :D ;) 8-)

Pass attempts last 2 years:
1,224 Matt Ryan
1,187 Jared Goff
1,183 Tom Brady
1,166 Aaron Rodgers
1,122 Dak Prescott

Pass completions last 2 years:
830 Matt Ryan
758 Jared Goff
748 Tom Brady
744 Dak Prescott
742 Derek Carr

Passing yards last 2 years:
9,390 Matt Ryan
9.326 Jared Goff
9,128 Patrick Mahomes
8,923 Philip Rivers
8,787 Dak Prescott

Passing TDs last 2 years:
76 Patrick Mahomes
66 Russell Wilson
61 Matt Ryan
59 Drew Brees
56 Kirk Cousins

(Goff 54)

Still no Wentz sighting. :shock2:

1 week ago
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And when you consider draft capital invested in the QB position, the Rams have only done that a handful of times. Here's the first round draft pick quarterbacks the Rams selected and their numbers with the Rams. *Jim Everett wasn't selected by the Rams but he never played a down for the Oilers, so I included him.

QB (Year drafted).......Record......Comp-Atts......Pct......Yards......Yds/Att......TD.....%......Int.....%...Rating....Sacks

Billy Wade (1952)......(13-23).......603-1116......54.0%...8572......7.68..........56.....5.0.....68.....6.1...70.5....n/a
Roman G. (1962)......(74-39-6)....1705-3313.....51.5%...22223.....6.71........154....4.6.....112...3.4....74.3....n/a
T. Baker (1963).........no passing stats
B. Munsen(1964)......(3-13-2).......287-550.......52.2%.....3556......6.47........22.....4.0.....32.....5.8....61.6.....n/a
*Everett (1986).......(46-59).........1847-3277.....56.4%...23758.....7.25........142....4.3....123...3.8.....78.1....186

Not too shabby for Goff.

 by Hacksaw
1 week ago
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Besides shorter seasons and stricter rule to protect QB's, Goff is in good company. I appreciate this thread!!

 by Haden
1 week ago
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Jared is a good boy. He is nice to animals and is kind to everyone he meets. He helps old ladies across the street too.

Love, Jared’s Mom

1 week ago
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From fansided

The LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff will a polarizing figure in the NFL for many years. On one side, there is the fact he played in the NFL’s Super Bowl in just his third season. He continues to race up the Rams’ all-time passer record holders, and will soon challenge as the team’s number one passer of all-time. That’s quite a curriculum vitae for an NFL quarterback.

On the other side is the faction he has never bought in that any of Jared Goff’s success is the player. They perceive that he is simply a glorified marionette, an NFL version of a muppet, who simply takes the snap and blindly executes an offensive play exactly as head coach Sean McVay has drawn it up.

Compare the NFL’s best
That perception continues to be propagated among NFL analyst circles and NFL blog sites. After all, bias exists in virtually everyone. That means that the likelihood of finding pro-Goff bias is about 3.3%, and anti-Goff bias at about 96.7% likely. And that’s a shame because the path of any NFL quarterback is fraught with good games and bad games. Let’s examine the top three passes in the NFL right now: Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

Wilson threw a rather pedestrian game against the Minnesota Vikings at 217 yards passing and three touchdowns to one interception. Mahomes threw for just 200 yards and one touchdown against the Denver Broncos. And Aaron Rodgers threw for just 160 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Goff’s worst was 198 yards for two touchdowns and one interception against the San Francisco 49ers. So all quarterbacks have disappointing games. It’s simply a perception of adding that game to the “he’s bad” narrative or discarding it from the “he’s good” narrative.

‘Quarter-Bank’ method
That perception is further exaggerated based upon the amount of money a player is paid in the NFL. So sports analyst and talking head Colin Cowherd featured an intriguing segment recently on the topic of NFL quarterbacks, and how compensation skews the perception of the player. The televised segment originated around a defense of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

The premise of the discussion is that many NFL quarterbacks are subject to criticism of their play due to the perception of their playing at a level under their compensation level. In short, he asserts that Jared Goff is at the right value at an average compensation of $25 million per year. He further includes such quarterbacks as Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson, Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray, Houston Texans DeShaun Watson, and Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz.

How does that compare to the next tier up?

Tiers or fears?

The next higher tier is the $30 million tier and includes Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady, Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, and New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.

The difference is that this tier possesses a Super Bowl ring (that they earned on the field), they have won their division multiple times, and the team needs them on the field to win.

The question is, which tier does LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff belong? Of course, the Rams had extended Goff for six years at a cost of $167 million.

Quick math averages that out to $27.8 million per year. Of course, due to the NFL salary cap, that average is never truly what is paid out, nor what hits the team’s salary cap. In 2020, that number is $28.8 million against the team’s cap. In 2021, that number balloons to a peak of $34.6 million.

Current debate fueled by the recent offensive slump

There’s been a lot of debate recently about Goff’s ability to lead the team after a bit of a lull throughout the offense. While it’s so easy to lay offensive struggles at the feet of a pocket quarterback, the true causes are not as easy to assign blame for. The Rams faced two very determined defenses, and the coaching staff failed to adapt to what worked on the football field.

Throwing over 60 passes into a blitzing defense that is getting to the quarterback is hard to rationalize. It borders near insanity when held up to the fact that the Rams running game was very effective. In fact, in all three losses so far this season, the Rams ability to run with the football was never a question. What did create questions was why the Rams chose not to run the ball when it was working.

Is the problem Goff? No. He is not the problem, nor is he overpaid. In fact, he is in a great position to have the best game of his season against the Seattle Seahawks. But if you are not convinced that Goff is the answer, try this exercise. Who can the LA Rams conceivably sign up to the team who can do a better job?

If you can answer that quickly, you are fooling yourself. If you can’t answer that quickly, then get on board the Goff bandwagon. After this weekend, you’ll be glad that you did.

 by Hacksaw
1 week ago
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in all three losses so far this season, the Rams ability to run with the football was never a question. What did create questions was why the Rams chose not to run the ball when it was working

why is a McV issue in this Goff thread...? ;)

 by aeneas1
1 week ago
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snackdaddy wrote:I don't think there is any question we have a good quarterback. One we can win with.

yeah, i'd say that the rams can win with him.... since 2017, qb wins, min 1,000 pass attempts:

brady 42
goff 38
brees 38
wilson 36
mahomes 32
rivers 32
rodgers 29
prescott 29
roethlisberger 29

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