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 by aeneas1
6 days ago
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under mcvay the rams are 9-7 (.563) in late games and 30-11 (.732) in all others.

of the 16 late games, 10 were against teams that not only had winning records but also made the postseason, while 6 were against teams without a winning record.

against the teams with a winning record the rams posted a 3-7 record and were outscored by an average of 22-28... in these games goff threw for 10 tds, 12 picks, and posted a 73.9 qb rating.... the three wins included the 54-51 win over the chiefs in 2018, the 30-22 postseason win over the cowboys in 2018, and last year's 28-12 win over the seahawks.

against teams without a winning record the rams have posted a 6-0 record and outscored the bad guys by an average of 28-20... in these games goff threw for 12 tds, 4 picks and posted a 108.5 qb rating.

last i checked the niners don't have a winning record, at least not at the moment, and will soon be 2-4.

 by snackdaddy
6 days ago
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This one the Rams should win. But they better not take it for granted. The Giants gave them trouble the whole game. McVay needs to remind them of that. And maybe have them notice the Bengals/Colts game. On the surface it appears the Colts should win that easily. Bengals are leading 21-0. Any given Sunday.

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