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 by AvengerRam
1 week ago
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In the first 5 games, the Rams are running the ball on 51.52% of their plays (2nd most in NFL).

In 2019, the Rams ran the ball on 38.01% of their plays (25th most in the NFL).

Moreover, while they are running the ball more (33.8 rushes/game vs. 27.8 in 2019), they are averaging more per carry (4.1 vs. 3.7).

McVay's offense needs a consistent run threat. In 2017 and 2018, when the offense thrived, the Rams were 10th (44.17%) and 9th (43.59%) in run play percentage.

None of this is shocking from a conceptual standpoint, but the numbers really highlight the significance of the run game.

Guess that's why we keep drafting RBs!

 by ramsman34
1 week ago
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McVay also doesn't seem as quick to pull the plug on the run game when it isn't going as well as planned. Hopefully these trends continue. We will have to run the ball at SF - and hopefully very efficiently. I would still like to see some deep play action on first down occasionally, just to hopefully take advantage of defenses keying early down runs and to also possibly get a big chunk play - especially if we are outside our own 40 yd line. but even deep in our own territory can work well for huge gains, if executed. If we can do that, it will make both the run game and play action game that much harder to predict and defend.

 by aeneas1
1 week ago
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imo what we've seen from mcvay this year is quite different than anything we've seen from him before... in quarters 1-3 the rams have passed the ball just 53% of the time, and in the 4th quarter just 39%, both ratios are well below anything we've seen from a mcvay offense.


the rams have always been around 60% in pass ratio through the first 3 quarters of play (saw an uptick last year) under mcvay, but they've never been in the low 50% like they are this season - also, last year the rams had their highest 4th quarter pass ratio of the mcvay era because they entered the 4th quarter behind the 8-ball more often than past years, and this drove up their overall pass ratio on the year.

in 2017 and 2018 their 4th quarter pass ratios were 47% and 53%, good for a 32nd and 28th ranking respectively, but this isn't surprising given the rams often entered the 4th with the lead and simply ran the ball to kill the clock, something they weren't able to do as often last year.

but this season the rams have passed the ball just 39% of the time in the 4th quarter, which is well below even their 2017 league low ratio of 47%.


so what's driving the rams' low pass ratio this year? looking quarters 1-3, there seems to be at least a few contributing factors:

1. down and distance: the rams rank 1st in fewest yards to go on 1st downs, 2nd downs, and 3rd downs - no other team has faced a shorter yards to go average on any down.

2. the rams short down and distance average has no doubt been driven, at least in part, by their league leading number of plays ran inside the opponent 11 (10 yards and in) - the rams rank first in both count and as a % of total plays.

3. the rams don't like to throw the ball when inside the opponent 11 - thru week 5 the rams pass ratio in this part of the field is just 18.5%, last in the league, just 5 pass attempts vs a whopping 22 runs, take away goff's scrambles (counted as runs) and the ratio drops even more.

here's a look at pass ratios, per down, under mcvay - again, these numbers are for quarters 1-3, i.e. excluding the 4th quarter given score heavily influences play-calling... huge drop in pass ratio on 2nd downs, no doubt driven by the league's lowest to go average of 6.7 yards, same for 3rd:


 by Zen_Ronin
1 week ago
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Anybody have the data on our performance coming off a bye week? I feel like we don't do well or come out slow, part of me feels like we have a tendency to actually lose? But that perception might just be my natural negative personality? :lol2:

I'm just trying to figure out who benefits most when we face the seahawks schedule wise. We have a pretty hard run going into ours, but they are off this week, then after they return have 2 divisional games and the Bills before they face us. So who's better off? Us after a full weeks rest, or them, having 3 potentially tough games before they meet the Rams?

 by Hacksaw
1 week ago
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Nah, Zen. The Rams used to lose most of their games including the games after the bye. Its hard to unsee that.
They did lose last year too but won all the others under McV.

 by CRamsFly
1 week ago
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I don't know if this is just my impression but I don't remember ever (under McVay) seeing a draw play from shotgun until the last game against Washington. I'd much rather see that than screen plays on 3rd and medium. The play design with Everett as a FB was also new in that game, which was clever.

I was also encouraged by the play-calling in the Washington game - sticking with the run, compared to the play-calling in the NY Giants game. In the Giants game, the Rams went to hurry-up (which I liked) but went with shotgun formation from which they passed every time. I don't see that being very effective. I would have preferred going hurry-up under center.

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