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 by aeneas1
1 week ago
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here's a look at the top 30 tight ends of 2019 according to pff, which i've ranked by the % of time each guy lined up wide.

everett lined up wide a whopping 24% of the time, second only to kelce, three times more often than higbee, and double the average for the top 30 tight ends.


 by safer
1 week ago
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For me, I think Everett could be on the bubble next year, especially if our drafted T/E shows something. Remember, because he lines up wide that many times, his agent will most likely argue that he should be paid more than just for being a tight end, because wide outs make more $$. I think Higby has passed him too. I'm not down on Everett, I don't think we should spend the type of money he will want, at that position. JMVHO

 by Dick84
1 week ago
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Which is a great recipe for two TE sets. And, Hopkins is more Everett than Higbee at this point. I think Everett will have a nice season while Hopkins gets a chance to learn the NFL. TE is one of the slowest starting positions in the NFL.

 by snackdaddy
1 week ago
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I have a feeling this is Everett's last year with the Rams. If he doesn't get better they probably let him walk. If he finally breaks out he will earn a big payday. Which means they probably let him walk.

 by 69RamFan
1 week ago
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I see the RAMs using more two TE sets this season...

The reason being, Everett can play Reynolds position....
while keeping the same scheme and plays with Everett, whether or not in the 11PG or 12PG...

Where I see more of a benefit using a two TE set with Everett... if the defense comes in with a nickel base Defensive package,,,

then we can run more of a run game plan with two TEs inline to asset the OL blocking scheme...

If the Defense goes into a base defense, then we take advantage of the LB who ever covers Everette in the slot or Wide.

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