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 by aeneas1
2 weeks ago
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rfu just added about 50 new avatars that reflect the rams new look... in order to use one just follow these easy steps:

1. click menu on the top bar (or side bar if using a phone)
2. select "my panel" under navigation heading
3. select the profile tab
4. select edit avatar
5. under avatar options select "gallary avatar" from the dropdown menu

here's a little vid:


 by CanuckRightWinger
3 days ago
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Pro Bowl

Thanks to aeneas1 and his video "Avatar Installation For Luddites" for his critical assistance in upgrading my avatar!

From the vast Gallery, I picked a great shot of Jack Youngblood, Mike Fanning, and Larry Brooks wrapping up Steeler RB Rocky Bleier in SBXIV.

I was one of the 103,895 (still the SB attendance record) at SuperBowl XIV in Pasadena that gorgeous Sunday on January 20, 1980. Flew down from Vancouver for the weekend on spec and scored a $30 face-value ticket on Saturday afternoon in the lobby of the Pasadena Hilton.....for 50 US Dollars! 8-)
"Western Airlines....the O-ONLY way to fly!"
....remember them?

We were leading 19-17 in the 4th Quarter :shock2:
…..and then SBXIV MVP Bradshaw (who threw 3 picks that day!) hit 2 long bombs to sink us late. :x :arrow2: :cry2:

"Ray, Waddy was open!" -Rams Pressbox to Malavasi after Vinny's 4th Quarter pick. :o

"Only thing that COULD HAVE stopped HIM (Cromwell)....was a .357 magnum" -Steeler OC Mike Webster on Nolan Cromwell's near PickSix. :( :arrow2: :cry2:

Back at work, it took all of the next week before I got my voice back! :|

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