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 by Elvis
2 weeks ago
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https://www.latimes.com/sports/rams/sto ... last-dance

Rams can’t wait to watch the final episodes of ‘The Last Dance’

MAY 14, 20205:39 PM

The final episodes of the “The Last Dance” air on Sunday, and the Rams will be among the interested viewers.

Receiver Robert Woods said the Rams have been closely following the 10-part series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, using it as a bonding mechanism during their virtual offseason program.

“We discuss it, and really just talking about the mindset and the team camaraderie, what we need from each other,” said Woods, who was six years old when the Bulls won their third title in a row to finish the 1997-98 season. “And I think the biggest thing is just seeing that mindset, how you compete and making sure every single guy has that same mindset.”

Woods said team leaders have been using the series to help them set a tone.

“Everything we do to where we’re pushing each other to be great,” he said.

Watching and discussing “The Last Dance,” is just one of the basketball-related elements of the Rams offseason program. Coach Sean McVay brought in Clippers coach Doc Rivers via videoconference to speak to the team and answer questions. Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning addressed the team virtually on Thursday

 by ramsman34
1 week ago
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Elvis wrote:

I truly wonder if they are incorporating ANY AR/VR elements. That would be incredibly useful during remote "virtual" teaching and learning.

 by Hacksaw
6 days ago
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They're not 6 ft.... Amazing the divide in how folks are accepting these guidelines , , or not.

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