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PostPosted:2 months ago
by Elvis


PostPosted:2 months ago
by Elvis
TRANSCRIPT: Rams TE Tyler Higbee – Media Availability – August 14, 2020

(On QB Jared Goff mentioning to fans that he wants three 1,000-yard pass catchers, and what has to happen to reach that goal)
“Just keep working. When my number is called, try to make the play. Take advantage of the ‘ops’ (opportunities) that I’m given and roll with it. Stack on top of last year and just keep going, take it day by day.”

(On what it’s like working out with new teammates)
“It’s nice. This is the time of year when you do get that – well, OTAs not happening this year is kind of when you get a chance to meet some of the new guys and young cats coming in and new teammates acquired in the offseason. Not having that this year, this time now is kind of serving that purpose. Getting in the meeting room with these guys and then the weight room. Now getting out on the practice field and sharing those reps with some of those guys, it’s good. Once you get on the field also, kind of get to take the mask off, too. You can actually see the people you’re getting to know a little bit, a little bit more. But it’s been good so far.”

(On if they are getting used to the masks)
“Yeah, it’s the way we have to operate and protect this ecosystem. Whatever way we’ve got to do that, that’s what we’re trying to do.”

(On his impressions of TE Brycen Hopkins up to this point)
“He’s a great dude, a little quiet at first. I think that might be part of the rookie coming into a new environment. But a good dude, great athlete. Already made strides from what I have seen, and I’m staying on him. (Tight Ends) Coach (Wes Phillips) is staying on him. The other guys in the room are staying on him, and we will continue to bring him along and have him help this offense and this team.”

(On how he goes about mentoring rookies and getting them acclimated)
“I mean, if they’ve got a question, I tell them I’m here willing to listen. Just kind of show them more so about my daily approach. Just how I go about and do my business, about being a pro, what it takes in this league to be a pro. I was fortunate to have a couple of guys, (former Rams TE) Cory Harkey and (former Rams TE) Lance Kendricks my rookie year, that were some vets that kind of taught me how to be a pro and how to approach every day and come in and work. It was very beneficial to me, so I try to kind of do that with the younger cats as well.”

(On his reaction to the contracts given to other tight ends in the NFL this week)
“Anytime you see a guy in the NFL get paid, I’m happy for them, especially a fellow tight end. Those guys, they’ve been at the top of the game in the last few years. (Chiefs TE Travis) Kelce has been doing it even longer. So, well deserving, and I’m happy for those guys. I actually shot (49ers TE George) Kittle a message today on Instagram, just congratulating him on the contract signing.”

(On people saying the Rams are getting a bargain on him considering his play last season and his contract extension the season prior and if and he receives comments like being ‘underpaid’ as a compliment)
“I’m playing the game I love. You know, that stuff works itself out and timing is everything. It wasn’t a mistake it happened and all I’m doing is trying to do what I can and take it day-by-day and enjoy having this job.”

(On clarifying that signing an extension with the Rams wasn’t a mistake)
“No. I love it here. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

(On how he sees the offense and his role evolving given the departures of Todd Gurley II and Brandin Cooks)
“Like I said, stack on top of last year. I think we got a taste, a little bit, of what we got going on last year. Obviously (Falcons Rcool smiley Todd (Gurley II) and (Texans WR) Brandin (Cooks) are first, great people, great dudes and great ball players. We’re going to miss them on offense, but I think we’ve got some other guys that are going to be able to step in and contribute, and it’s going to take all eleven, but we’ll make it happen.”

(On TE Gerald Everett)
“Dude’s a playmaker. He can make plays. I expect the ball is going to get to him. (Qcool smiley Jared (Goff) does a great job of spreading the ball around. He’s come along as a complete tight end in the blocking phase as well, pass-blocking game. He’s going to ball.”

(On what gives him confidence that QB Jared Goff can take the next step this season)
“(He’s) probably in the best shape of his life right now. Seeing him just moving around, throwing the rock around, his mobility is better. I know he’s changed his diet a little bit to help improve that. But, he’s in the best shape of his life. I think his leadership skills have even taken another step and being one of the sole guys in there commanding the offense. He’s just getting better every year. I don’t see anything else but him taking that next step this year.”

(On his philosophy on short field situations and how the tight ends group can carry that success through to this season)
“The philosophy is come out with points – whether its touchdown or field goal. No matter what, you’ve got to get points, take care of the ball. Me personally, I came up a couple yards, couple inches short in the goal line this past year. But, just controlling the ball, coming out with points every time. Our object as an offense is to score every time we touch the ball, and when we do get in those short field, red zone opportunities, it heightens it even more, you know, the focus and just trying to put that ball in the endzone.”

(On what clicked for him in the second half of last year and how he can build off that)
“You know, just trying to do my job. I don’t know if anything clicked. I think, you know, some opportunities were presented to me more and I just tried to take advantage of them. I had coach tell me one time, ‘Prove to be reliable’ and that’s all I’m trying to do. When it’s my turn to make a play and they’re trying to give me the rock, I’m trying to do that.”

(On if there is anything he specifically worked on during offseason so he can continue to be productive)
“As a tight end, I take pride in being able to do everything that a tight end can do – pass block, run block, and the receiving game. So, I’m working on all three phases of it every year, every offseason. I wouldn’t say there is one in specific that I was looking at more than the other, but just trying to be a complete tight end, a well-rounded game, and do a little bit of it all.”

(On how he and Everett work off each other)
"Just getting that trench work, man and doing what we’ve got to do to be complete tight ends to where you have to keep the defense guessing. Just because we're in a game, doesn't mean that we're going to run the ball, just because we're in the game, doesn't mean that we're going to pass the ball. So, we kind of keep them on edge. Having those different personnel and getting some of those matchups, I think, can be an advantage for us."

(On if he expects Head Coach Sean McVay to call on him more early on)
"Hopefully, we'll see. Each team presents a different defense, different gameplan, different scheme and whatever's going to give us the best chance to win the game, Sean's (McVay) going to put us in those positions. Like I said, Jared (Goff) spreads the ball around well to all these weapons that he has on offense, and I'm just trying to make the most of mine when I get them."

(On what to expect from Offensive Coordinator Kevin O’Connell)
"He's a great dude. I know he's been working with Jared (Goff) a lot. I can see that he's helping Jared with some of the stuff that he has questions on and things like that, the quarterback stuff. I think he's going to help elevate his quarterback play and this offense and we're just glad to have him."