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 by CanuckRightWinger
5 days ago
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Pro Bowl

In the meantime....

my vote for the blank space is...

Robert Palmer's ADDICTED TO LOVE video! ;) :arrow2: :lol2:

 by safer
4 days ago
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Actually Canuck, I was thinking of making Red Alice our poster girl!!
I know, now I'm banned for life for being sexist........ :D :shock2:

 by moklerman
4 days ago
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Hall of Fame

Donald or Goff and I would go with Goff. Donald is a top player in the league but this team's identity and an extension of McVay is Goff. He is the face of what this team is.

 by Hacksaw
9 hours ago
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Yes, Thank you @aeneas1!!! How do you spell relief? Removing Gurleys scowl from our sight / site.

 by aeneas1
6 hours ago
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hopefully the current header slideshow won't become a painful in memoriam once the new uniforms drop.

6 hours ago
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delete, wrong thread

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