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My source sometimes gets the info as it is released to the media, thus he is able to text it 30 minutes ore more faster than the media can put out the "breaking news". Makes it fun.

Other times, my source gets actual inside info of names being talked about between JG and MM.

Gotta love his public release of media news. Most of this stuff below, there is a public article somewhere in some city or nationally. It is always nice to get it one nice package.


Fly-on-the-wall wrote:ARI: signed DL-J.Phillips to a 3yr $30m deal.

BAL: signed DL-M.Brockers to a 3yr $30m deal.
BAL: expected to decline DB-B.Carr '20 option making him an UFA.

BUF: signed DL-M.Addison to a 3yr deal.
BUF: signed LB-AJ Klein to a 3yr $18m deal w/ $9,7m gtd.
BUF: signed S-J.Poyer to a 2yr $20.5m.

CAR: shopping QB-C.Newton.
CAR: signed QB-T.Bridgewater to a 3yr $60m deal.

CHI: released LB-L.Flyod saving $13.2m in cap.
CHI: signed TE-J.Graham to a 2yr $16m deal.
CHI: signed DL-R.Quinn to a 5yr $70m w/ $30m gtd.

CIN: signed DL-DJ Reader to a 4yr $53m deal.
CIN: signed DB-T.Waynes to a 3yr $42m deal w/ $20m gtd.

DAL: signed WR-A.Cooper to a 5yr $100m deal w/ $60m gtd.
DAL: signed S-D.Thompson to a 2yr $2.8m deal.

DET: released LB-D.Kennard.
DET: signed QB-C.Daniels to a 3yr $13.05m deal.
DET: signed DL-N.Williams to a 2yr $10m deal.
DET: signed LB-J.Collins to a 3yr $30m deal.

GB: signed WR-A.Lazzard to a 1yr $660k deal.

HOU: signed WR-R.Cobb to a 3yr $27m deal w/ $18.75m gtd.
HOU: re-signed DB-V.hargraves to a 1yr deal.
HOU: re-signed QB- AJ McCarron to a 1yr $4m deal.

IND: signed QB-P.Rivers to a 1yr $25m deal.

JAX: signed LB-J.Schobert to a 5yr $53.75m deal.
JAX: placed 2nd rd tender on WR-K.Cole paying him $3.26m.
JAX: released TE-G.Swainn saving $3.7m in cap.
JAX: signed DB-D.Dennard.

LAC: signed OL-B.Bulaga to a 3yr $30m deal.
LAC: re-signed OL-T.Scott to a 1yr $750k deal.

LAR: declined DB-N.Robey-Coleman '20 option making him a UFA.

LV: signed TE-J.Witten to a 1yr deal worth up tp $4.75m deal.
LV: signed DL-M.Collins.
LV: signed LB-C.Littleton to a 3yr $30m deal w/ $22m gtd.
LV: extended original rd tender on OL-D.Sharpe.
LV: tendered LB-N.Morrow original draft pick tender.
LV: signed S-J.Heath to a 2yr $8m deal.

MIA: signed HB-J.Howard to a 2yr deal.
MIA: signed LB-K.Grugier-Hill to a 1yr deal.
MIA: signed DL-E.Ogbah to a 2yr $15m w/ $7.5m gtd.
MIA: signed LB-K.Van Noy to a 4yr $51m deal w/ $30m gtd.

MIN: shopping S-A.Harris for a mid-late rd pick.

NFL: Bills acquired WR Stefon Diggs and a 2020 seventh-round pick from the Vikings in exchange for 2020 first-, fifth-, and sixth-rounds picks and a 2021 fourth-round pick.

NO: signed QB-D.Brees to a 2yr $50m deal.

NYG: signed TE-L.Toilolo to a 2yr $6.2m deal.
NYG: signed LB-B.Martinez to a 3yr $30m deal.

NYJ: re-signed OL-A.Lewis to a 3yr $18.6m deal w/ $6m gtd.
NYJ: signed OL-G.Fant to a 3yr $30m deal w/ $13,75m gtd.

PHI: re-signed DB-R.McCloud to a 2yr $12m deal.
PHI: declined S-M.Jenkins '20 option making him an UFA.
PHI: re-signed DB-J.Mills to a 1yr deal.
PHI: signed DL-J.Hargrave to a 3yr $39m deal.

PIT: placed LB-R.Shazier on reserve/retired.

SEA: re-signed TE-L.Wilson.
SEA: re-signed DL-J.Reed to a 2yr $23m deal.

SF: extended 2nd rd tenders to RFAs HB-M.Brieda & WR-K.Bourne.
SF: HB-J.McKinnon agreed to a contract restructure.
SF: re-signed DL-R.Blair to a 1yr deal.
SF: re-signed S-J.Ward to a 3yr $28.5m deal.

TEN: signed LB-V.Beasley to a 1yr $9.5m deal.

WAS: signed LB-K.Pierre-Louis to a 1yr deal worth up to $3.75m deal.
WAS: signed DB-K.Fuller to a 4yr deal.
WAS: signed OL-W.Schweitzer to a 3yr $13.5m deal.
WAS: signed LB-T.DAvis.

** RAIDERS side notes **
attention now turned to corner may look into adding 1 more LB but a tier 2 guy like Campbell, VB, Vigil etc.
last heard Slay & Harris are who they're looking at.
a few more additions to come but no rock start to fill holes & depth.

As i was typing this Heath was signed.. tier 2 guys I mentioned.

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