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 by ramsman34
1 week ago
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I’m with Canuck’s line if thinking. To extrapolate further; I think McVay and his new staff bros are going into the lab and full-on mad scientist mode and will be breaking down every possible play in all 3 phases by every team in order to design and tweak their philosophy

 by aeneas1
1 week ago
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Are we still in striking distance of a title?

short answer: sure, of course.

long answer: this is the nfl, which means anything can happen, despite notions of "windows" or the like... most agreed that the saints were squarely in striking distance of (another) title after their 2009 super win, 11 years later they still haven't returned despite reaching the postseason 6 times in that span... same goes for the packers, they (and rodgers) were just hitting their stride in 2010 according to anyone who followed nfl football, and their 2010 super bowl appearance would surely be one of many to come, but 10 years later they still haven't returned despite reaching the postseason 7 times since.

in short, there's been the patriots and no one else in terms of "true striking distance of a title" during the past 15+ nfl seasons - will that change? will the chiefs become the next patriots? will the rams? the ravens? the niners? i'll believe it when i see it.

the number of wins each team posted after their super bowl appearance dating back to the 2005 season, red text = reached the postseason, box = reached the super bowl:


excluding the patriots....


1 week ago
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It took the Packers 7 years of not returning to get rid of McCarthy and the Saints still haven't changed anything. Either Payton has pictures of somebody in a compromising position or copies of Saints e-mails with the New Orleans diocese.

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