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Whitworth wants to return to L.A.. :?2:

Andrew Whitworth has already expressed his desire to return for his 15th season in 2020, but he’s hoping it is with the Los Angeles Rams. Ahead of free agency, Whitworth spoke about why he wants to return to Los Angeles next season.

“Obviously my wish is to hopefully stay in Los Angeles and continue with the Rams,” Whitworth said. “I just think there’s a lot there I have left to do in leadership and play and everything else. If that works out, great. If there’s another opportunity somewhere else, I’ll be ready.”

Following the Rams embarrassing defeat in Super Bowl 53, Whitworth was uncertain that he would be back in 2019. But after starting in all 16 games for Los Angeles in 2019, the veteran left tackle is anxious to continue playing football.

Once free agency begins in March, Whitworth is set to become an unrestricted free agent. Despite other teams likely making offers for him, it appears that the Rams will get first-dibs to re-sign him.

Last offseason, the Rams chose to allow Rodger Saffold to walk in free agency in favor of getting younger on the offensive line. It goes without saying that Los Angeles realizes they made a mistake in doing so.

After making a crucial mistake with Saffold, the Rams should prioritize retaining Whitworth this offseason. Even though he is 38-years-old, Whitworth is still the most reliable member of Los Angeles’ offensive line. In addition, he can continue to groom the youthful members of the offensive line that could replace him.

The 14-year veteran has made it loud and clear that he would like to finish his career with the Rams. On the other hand, it is unclear if Los Angeles will have the financial resources to be able to keep Whitworth.


 by CanuckRightWinger
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Sheesh zn….you continue to be big on projecting what other posters write, huh?

My "premise"?
Premise???? :roll2:
I posted 2019 Los Ramos rushing stats.
Y'know, factual stats that Los Ramos personnel actually amassed vs real NFL competition. :idea2:

Question: What did you post?
Answer: Not numbers! Instead, more of the repetitive analysis of what posters actually mean by their words. :roll2:

You say that I "am leaping to an offbase conclusion"?
The only conclusion I state is that the Rams will draft OL talent in the 2020 Draft. Based on what I saw last year from our OL and ALSO on what I am reading now from Draftniks and Mock Drafts, etc......I think I am in the mainstream of assessing the Rams OL as "an area that needs improvement."

You think that McSnead and Kromer see ample OL talent on the current Rams Roster to satisfy our 2020 OL needs?
Good for you! :P
Should I write it down, and re-post it in April?.....or do you want to reply in yet another stats-free post, and hedge your bets?

See, IMO McSnead need help on the filling-out of their 2020 OL …
seems counting on novices in 2019 didn't work out so hot. and it appears that the mainstream media (EG. Cowherd commentary in the OP.....hello!) are sharing the same boat with me. :idea2:

I concur with the media reports that see Whit coming back for 2020. I think that would be a smart move by McSnead. I am hopeful that Hav mends fully and regains his pre-2019 effectiveness. I've also praised David Edwards all of 2019, calling him Snead'sDraftSteal.

So IMO that leaves holes at Starting OC and a Starting OG for 2020. :idea2:
….and that's why I have posted before that McSnead will spend Draft Treasure and/or FA buck$ on OL for 2020. Maybe...the vacant OC or the vacant OG spot can be filled by an Evans, or a Corbett, or a Brewer.....but the Rams braintrust are not going to try to plug TWO holes with unproven novices again, as it didn't turn out so well for Stan's indigestion in 2019. After the Dallas game, I heard Phillips Milk Of Magnesia stock was up 3 points!! :shock2: :arrow2: :lol2:

Others may want to hang their hopes on YearToYear improvement and 100% Surgical Recoveries.....but I am pretty sure that McSnead are not in THAT camp for the 2020 Ram OL Plan. :idea2:

 by aeneas1
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if teams would just line up dbs in front of whit from here on out maybe we could get another 5+ solid years out of him!


 by snackdaddy
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Big Whit could always do movies when his career is done. If they ever remake the Goonies he'd a good candidate for the Sloth character. 8-)

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