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 by snackdaddy
7 months ago
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AvengerRam wrote:Some thoughts on the tiebreaker.

The Rams don't play the Vikings, so the first tiebreaker (head to head) does not apply.

The second is conference record. Right now, the Rams are 5-3 and the Vikings are 6-3. All of the Rams' remaining games are against NFC opponents, so they'd be 9-3 if they were to win out. The Vikings play 3 games in the conference, and one against an AFC opponent (Chargers). Should they go 3-1 with the loss being @LAC, then they'd have to go to the next tiebreaker: record against common opponents.

In that scenario, the Rams would win the tiebreaker. Currently, they Rams have a record of 2-1 against ATL, CHI and SEA, while the Vikings are 1-2 against those teams. If the Rams win out and the Vikings lose only to LAC, then the Rams would finish 3-1 in common opponent games (adding a win vs. Seattle) and the Vikings would finish 2-2 (adding a win vs. Chicago).

After that, we'd have to go to strength of victory and strength of schedule. No way I could project those right now.

Its also worth noting that if Green Bay were to slip and lose 2 of their last four and the Rams caught them by winning out, the Rams would win the conference record tiebreaker (9-3 vs. 8-4).

So... bottom line... the Rams need to keep winning! 8-)

Every scenario I could try on the playoff machine has the Rams owning the tie breaker. The Vikings do have an easier schedule the rest of the way. But 3 of their 4 games are division games.

For some reason, the NFC north seems to have much tougher games within the division. Rivalries are strong with that one. So they could easily be beat by the Lions or Bears. Or both.

Seahawks appear to be a better team than the Rams based on records. But we know the Rams play them tough every time. I wouldn't pencil in a loss for the Rams with this one. To me, its a tossup.

Whatever the case, we have to take care of our own business. If we can't, we didn't deserve it anyway.

 by actionjack
7 months ago
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Elvis wrote:

Wow great point. Go BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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