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 by AvengerRam
7 months ago
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rams74 wrote:I agree completely. I wonder if Gruden would agree to a coordinator role without the play calling? What McVay really needs is a consultant, a sounding board, a guy with fresh eyes and plenty of ideas. Sounds like Gruden to me, and they already have a relationship.

Its that relationship that makes me reluctant to get on board with bringing in Gruden. Would he be a collaborative foil, or an echo chamber?

 by Fire407
7 months ago
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I do not want Garrett here at all. He wasn't ready to be a HC and he's spent 10 years learning on the job. He's had some really talented rosters and yet he only has two playoff wins. Also, Jerry Jones took away much of his authority over the past few years. Jason doesn't call the plays because Jerry doesn't think he's very good at it. Jason was lucky that Jerry thought of him as a son, or he would have been fired years ago.

 by Hacksaw
7 months ago
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dieterbrock wrote:Much rather have Jay Gruden

Seems to me McV needs a few more offensive minds around him. LaFleur and Kingsbury come to mind. I could see coach Gurden helping McV next year.

 by ramsman34
7 months ago
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Maybe McVay should find a college offense wiz who can bring in more air raid elements that Goff is presumable good at executing.

I have a weird feeling teams are going to be looking for more if the Lamar, Wilson, Mahomes types as the NFL seems to be evolving that way.

Also, I think McVay needs to give up play calling. He has been shitty at it since the Super Bowl. And he isn’t getting better, he’s getting worse.

 by snackdaddy
7 months ago
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I'm with Deiter. I think Jay Gruden would be a nice fit. Nothing would really change because they are similar styles, but McVay could concentrate on other things during the game. If some of these guys who've been fired as head coaches want to get back to that job, they need to be coordinators for a year or two to get the attention of teams who are looking for a new coach. Considering that is how most of them got the job to begin with.

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