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3 months ago
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He lists Marrone, Jay Gruden, Rivera, Garrett, Vrabel and O'Brien as most likely TBF.

Then he lists 6 more, labeled "on the hot seat but should survive". Shurmur, Quinn, Tomlin, Shanahan, Patricia and LeFleur.

Personally, I would put Vrabel in that 2nd tier and bump Quinn up to the first. Of the 12, 9 could be fired. I think it's a safe bet 6 will go in 2019.

He says this about Shanahan (and I singled him out because Jimmy G did not look good tonight....yeah, yeah, it's only preseason).

Shanahan has been snake-bitten as 49ers head coach, which has put him under pressure in 2019. With Jimmy Garoppolo back, Shanahan finally has a chance to put together a special offense. But what happens if his inexperienced QB struggles? Will owner Jed York give Shanahan a pass for those first two years? Or will he see Shanahan as a coach who failed to deliver a winner three years in a row?

Snake bitten only works for so long. I think if Garrapolo struggles both Lynch and Shanahan could be gone. $124 million for 5 years would be a huge mistake.

 by phoenixrising
3 months ago
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He says this about Shanahan (and I singled him out because Jimmy G did not look good tonight....yeah, yeah, it's only preseason).

I dunno...I thought Jimmy G took a big step up from 5 straight interceptions. :lol2:

 by Elvis
3 months ago
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The Niners and Jimmy G looked laughably terrible tonight in the early going but my main takeaway was we should sit Blake Bortles on Saturday. Denver's first string D is probably gonna dominate our 2nd string Oline...

 by Hacksaw
3 months ago
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again. tough sledding when your team has a different agenda.

 by dieterbrock
3 months ago
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Gruden by far is first to go. Literally has no chance to be successful there.
I think Gase could have a quick stay in NY
Last 6 Head coaches hired by the Jets had a winning record in their 1st year, though it wasn't expected.
Now they are expecting great things, and he's made some critical statements and poor decisions. No room for a 3,4 win season, especially with a GM hired AFTER Gase

 by snackdaddy
3 months ago
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phoenixrising wrote:I dunno...I thought Jimmy G took a big step up from 5 straight interceptions. :lol2:
Luckily for him he got some help from a butter fingered DB. :lol2:

 by aeneas1
3 months ago
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seems that kitchens' job security is tied directly to mayfield, i mean the guy was a first time coordinator in 2018, a job he got only because the oc was fired, and the very next year he's the head coach... if the browns offense and mayfield disappoint, and they finish under .500, i could see kitchens being an easy fall guy.

same goes for shanny, his job security seems to be completely tied to jimmy g-spot, to a qb who hasn't proven a thing at the nfl level yet incredibly is thought of as a star, consequently if the niners offense is mediocre at best with garoppolo playing a full season, most will probably think the prob is shanny, not jg.

 by CanuckRightWinger
3 months ago
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The York family has more $$$ invested in 49er QB Jimmy Garrapolo than they do in HC Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch.

S-o-o-o-o.....if the 49ers go 5-11 in 2019, and I am Jed York??

I'm stuck with Jimmy G, so I'd look to terminate Lynch and bring in a young Les Snead clone for 2020! :idea2:
As always, JMO.

 by safer
3 months ago
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With any type of competitive play, I think both Jay Gruden and Shurmur get a pass due to their QB situations

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