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 by max
1 year ago
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/zn/ wrote:Thompson year 4. 2016, McVay as coordinator.

68 runs (17.9% of total runs), 62 targets/49 receptions (10.45% of targets/ 8.26% of receptions).

Why year 4? He wasn't used much in years 1 and 2. In year 3 McVay starts calling the plays and uses him a lot more. Arguably he knew what he had in year 4 and took better advantage of it.

IMO Henderson is playing a lot in the pre-season because that's how the McVay Rams develop rookies. They put them in action against a live opponent, go over the film, fix things, send them out again, repeat. DH got 20 snaps in game 1 and 31 in game 2. All 8 of the Rams draft picks have seen time on the field this pre-season. Not counting the 2 linemen, the other 6 have gotten anywhere from 34 to 61 snaps (with Long getting the most).

The drafted rookies (and probably all of the UDFAs) get time in the pre-season because that's the method the Rams use to coach them up. No matter who they are.


I agree with this take.

Chris Thompson is a good comp, though I expect DH to be more explosive and more durable. And it’s obtuse to say his snaps won’t be significant. If his contribution is productive, then his snaps are significant. 7 touches per game is a good goal.

 by Elvis
1 year ago
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McVay from his latest PC:

(On what he saw from RB Darrell Henderson Jr. after watching tape of Saturday’s game)

“I think really just more opportunities than anything else. You could see he was another week more comfortable. There’s still some things that we can definitely do better. I don’t think he’s really had much of a chance with the exception of a couple runs that he had starting off really with the two-minute drive when he had a couple wide-zone runs and then another downhill, direct run. Other than that in the run-game, there really wasn’t any space to operate with to really be able to truly evaluate him from that perspective. But, I thought he caught the ball well. You could see, that was a big third-down catch he made on that first drive. You see the speed out of the backfield. That’s some big time players, when you’ve got (LB) Jaylon Smith covering him and he’s able to do that even if he and (LB Leighton) Vander Esch did kind of collide, you could see coming out of the backfield, (QB) Blake (Bortles) delivered him a good ball. I thought it was a step in the right direction for (RB) Darrell (Henderson Jr.) without a doubt.”

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