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 by LARams_1963
1 week ago
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aeneas1 wrote:admit it, this is pretty funny....

Whoever designed the dick-nose is definitley getting a rise outta pics and merch like that... :lol2:

 by Ramsdude
6 days ago
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aeneas1 wrote:02.jpg

Hey....wait a minute. Gradient numbers?!?!?! They stole our idea before we even thought of it!! That's BS!! At least we can claim ownership of injecting the Fibonacci sequence!!!

In the Hall of Fame (right next to Gehrke painting the horns) will be a pic of Dumoff explaining the Fibonacci Sequence while patting himself on the back!

That Dumoff is soooo ahead of his time!! Wish he was ahead of MY time too!!!! :lol2:

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