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 by Ramsdude
3 months ago
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I think they should release the final 5 designs and take a look at the fans reactions and listen to our input. It would increase the odds of them getting it "right". Most fans are VERY passionate about the uni's and most likely have been fans longer than Demoff and Nike could care less as long as they make money.

 by snackdaddy
3 months ago
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By "getting it right" I hope it means they will stay as close to traditional LA Rams colors as possible. Which to me is the blue and yellow. I can live with blue and white as long as the pants are not blue.

 by Zen_Ronin
3 months ago
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Elvis wrote:

If they do away with the horns on the shoulders due to the finger nail effect and replaced them with LA I'd be down for that. It'd be a nice touch. That's what I'd do, or place it on the back of the helmet. Can't think of another place where it would feel right.

 by St. Loser Fan
3 months ago
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I remember when Demoff severed us St. Louis season ticket holders lunch then told us they loved the idea of an open air north riverfront stadium and that they were “this close” to new uniforms

 by rams74
3 months ago
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St. Loser Fan wrote:I remember when Demoff severed us St. Louis season ticket holders

That's a Freudian "severed", if I've ever seen one.

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