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 by Elvis
3 months ago
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Look who's on the front page of their website:


https://www.redbull.com/us-en/videos/ja ... ning-video

Which has me wondering: We know Goff worked with these guys the last two off seasons but haven't heard anything about this year...

 by Hacksaw
3 months ago
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Guys like Florio keep that Fisher magic alive.

Florio lucky I'm not his employer as his next contract would be looking more and more iffy per article..

That said, his 2nd contract (or lack of it) could be a cap saver move if he doesnt rock it this year.

 by Kid Charlamagne
3 months ago
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Florio and his buddy Sims have been pushing this theory for a while. Supposedly the cap savings and McVay’s genius offset the loss of your playoff qb. It’s an interesting idea but I don’t know if anyone will risk their job on it. Instead of trying to start from scratch most teams would probably prefer to have a qb like Brady, Brees or Rivers who knows the offense backwards and forwards.
Just for the sake of argument how would that even work? They decide not to extend Goff so they trade him to recoup some of the investment, then draft someone later in the first round. This year that was guys like Haskins, Lock and Grier.
The problem is trading away Goff’s prime years only to start over with a later round pick who probably takes a year or 2 to get up to nfl speed.
Clearly this is an idea that’s ahead of it’s time, so much so that no one will do it.

 by snackdaddy
3 months ago
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Florio's been critical of Goff for a while now. He's formed an opinion and he's gonna stick with it come hell or high water. I wonder if he was one of those guys who went on record saying Goff was a bust after his rookie season? Some of those guys just don't want to be wrong. Hence, the system quarterback thing.

 by BobCarl
3 months ago
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Mike Florio: "I'm very skeptical about Jared Goff. I would not be surprised if he doesn't get a second contract with the Rams."

 by DirtyFacedKid
3 months ago
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Saw that earlier today. I don't know what to think about his opinion, nor do I know Florio's reputation very well, outside of recognizing his name. That said, I never once had a thought that McVay would look to get his "own guy". IMO, he would've done that by now. He's sees Goff's potential.

Will Goff maximize his potential? That remains to be seen. But I've been impressed with his growth and expect him to keep getting better each year.

I think I just talked out what I think about Florio's opinion. :D

 by aeneas1
3 months ago
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these two knuckleheads have been spewing this nonsense since the beginning of april, since before the rams picked up goff's 5th year option (they didn't think they would), with them it's become a game of just how much shit can you get wrong in a calendar year? in fact, back in early april, they were still claiming that mcvay could have interest in cousins over goff, cousins, a guy they think is the cat's meow, ha ha ha.... :D

 by sloramfan
3 months ago
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what a fuc%*^@ moron...

have these idiots not watched goff play?...

i think they're so deep into their "goff's a bust " take, that they keep coming up with BS to try to legitimize themselves... snackdaddy nailed it

florio's an obvious buffoon..

go rams


 by safer
3 months ago
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Now, wouldn't it be supremely interesting IF McVay turned Bortles around this year, IF Goff got banged up for the last few games?

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