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https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/p ... nfl-season

Sophomore standouts from the 2018 NFL season


2017 Overall Grade: 53.1

2018 Overall Grade: 82.5

Everett finished the 2018 season as our fourth-highest graded tight end, exactly one season after he ranked 50th out of 51 qualified tight ends as a struggling rookie. The Rams’ 2017 second-round pick caught 97.4% of the catchable passes thrown his way as an NFL sophomore after he hauled in just 70.8% of catchable passes as a rookie, and he showed tremendous improvement as a run blocker, as he ranked fourth in the league last season with a 76.3 run-blocking grade, a grade that was over 20.0 points higher than the 54.6 run-blocking grade he earned as a rookie.


https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/p ... of-in-2019

Players we'd like to see more of in 2019


Gerald Everett played almost half the snaps that teammate Tyler Higbee did, but he outperformed him over the course of the season. Everett had the edge as a receiver in both yardage totals and grades, but it’s his improvement as a blocker that could elevate Everett’s playing time next season. After mustering 54.7 run-blocking grade in his rookie year, Everett ended the 2018 campaign with a run-blocking grade of 74.9 which far outpaced Higbee – who is typically considered the team’s blocking specialist.

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One would think that might enable McVay to use more 2 TE sets. Some motion maybe? 2 TE, 2 RB, 1 WR motioning Henderson out of the backfield and Everett into the slot? I'm sure he will really get creative in 2019.

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pff dug everett all of last year, pretty much from start to finish, he ended 2018 ranked 5th among tight ends, and ranked as high as 3rd at one point, higbee came in at 19th.... the tight ends that finished above everett were kittle 1, howard 2, kelce 3, gronk 4... the only area that higbee graded higher than everett was in pass pro, in fact everett ranked a lowly 43rd among the 50 top tight ends in pass pro while higbee 29th.

anyway, i'm a big higbee fan, as a person, seems like a great guy, but i'd like to see more everett in 11 personnel, rather than higbee who pretty much dominated playing time in the 11 groups last season.

 by AvengerRam
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Everett's PFF review for 2018 could be analogized to a restaurant that has really good food, but really small portions.

I guess the question is whether he can maintain the same efficiency and productivity rates with more plays and more targets.

 by phoenixrising
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Another PFF head scratcher.

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