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 by rather
5 months ago
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Wonder when the "challenge penalties / no calls" will come into play.

I would actually not mind that much to see a coach be allowed to challenge one referee call per game that would result in either picking up a flag or throwing a flag.

But you make it very strict i.e. we're not going to overturn ticky tack stuff - the poster child will be the NRB hit or, ahem, the preceding Goff facemask.. where it is 100% obvious it has happened.

Can use this challenge at any point in the game, but once you do, it's gone.

And if you lose the challenge the penalty is severe - like 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty assessed in addition to loss of timeout.

 by majik
5 months ago
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So the Payton Whiner rule passed

 by Hacksaw
5 months ago
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majik wrote:So the Payton Whiner rule passed

Sure looks likes it. Squeaky wheels and whiney little bitches prevail....

5 months ago
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How long before a rule change gives an offensive player and a defensive player on each team an X-box controller to determine who wins the game? No blindside blocks. No "defenseless" players. No concussions. No knee injuries. No ankle injuries. Completely safe, exactly the way they want the game.

It's only a matter of time before they outlaw trap blocks. I miss the days when receivers had to have their heads on swivels to go across the middle. I miss the days when you could actually hit a quarterback. And this year I'll miss some guy making a blindside block to spring a touchdown run. Well maybe not. It'll be flagged and the TD nullified.

 by Elvis
5 months ago
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Coaches voted 32-0 to say they wanted this. With any luck this new rule will find a way to bite the Saints in the ass.


 by DirtyFacedKid
5 months ago
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Some penalties are missed. Nature of the game. Bottom line, Cooks should've held onto it, IMO.

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