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 by Dick84
2 months ago
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AvengerRam wrote:On a one-year stop-gap contract (maybe... $5M-$6M), sure.

On a multi-year deal... nah.

I wouldn’t pay him that much. Long’s the comp I made for contract as well.

 by AvengerRam
2 months ago
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Dick84 wrote:I wouldn’t pay him that much. Long’s the comp I made for contract as well.

Terrell Suggs signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals worth $7M. Suggs has been more productive than Matthews in recent years, but he's also four years older.

That was my basis for pricing Matthews. If the Rams could get him for less, all the better.

2 months ago
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CanuckRightWinger wrote:Who the H E Double-Hockeysticks wants to pay some last remaining scarce 2019 Ram Salary Cap millions for Clay FabioHair Mathews and his measely 3.5 paltry 2018 sack total??? :?

Why? On what grounds? Because Mathews grew up in the SoCal area? :roll2:
Puh-leeze!!! :x Mathews is old and his 40-time these days could probably be done with a Sun-Dial!! :oops2:

Here's a better idea for Wade:
Draft the stud ER who drops to us at #31....and then draft a second ER on Day Three to develop.

We need Clay AaronRodgers'ChunkySoupCommercialGuy Mathews like we need a sucking chest wound!!

Here's another idea for Los Ramos if those very few remaining 2019 Salary Cap dollars are burning a hole in Tony Pastoors pocket....

sign cut Detroit Lions Captain and former starting OG TJ Lang. He might get rejuvenated with Whitworth....and maybe even teach fledglings like Blythe, Allen, Demby and Noteboom a few survival tricks for Life In The NFL PhoneBooth, eh!! :idea2:

Two things.

Matthews at the right price would be acceptable to this Ram fan.
TJ Lang has had serious concussion issues. We're talking NFL OL with a long history of concussions who should retire. I have no interest in paying somebody to play half a year while he's furthering his CTE.

 by BobCarl
2 months ago
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Hacksaw wrote:I'd take him on a friendly contract.

I would too.

in 2017 Wade threatened both A-gaps often, that scares the shit out of QBs (go back to the Dallas game and see how ineffective Prescott was). In 2018, this didn't happen much at all.

Matthews on the outside or inside, gives Rams the ability to put pressure on the A-gaps.

But a friendly contract? I wish. I think someone will give him a better than friendly deal. Hopefully we can get someone like Matthews in the draft.

 by snackdaddy
2 months ago
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I was definitely not in favor of signing him to replace Fowler. Now that Fowler is staying I can see him being in the rotation as a situational pass rusher if the price is right. Kind of like we did with Connor Barwin. He wasn't a liability at a similar age. So its possible Matthews has some value left in him.

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