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 by CanuckRightWinger
4 weeks ago
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Pro Bowl

So PA....
I don't think we need a Top 100 Pick in 2021 Draft to replace Troy 2015ScoopFromBelichickPS Hill. Hill was a UDFA Oregon Duck CB, who finally shone in 2020. I never thought too much of the guy....adequate, but no Lem Barney IMHO. I am glad he got his $6Mil from the Brownies.....but I think Cleveland overpaid. JMO.

Also, I think we are fine with Wolford as our #2 QB. 8-) He's got onfield moxie and he knows the PlayBook. I feel much better about Wolford Of Wall Street as our backup QB, than I EVER did about our wasted 89th pick overall in 2015 for that pretender from Corvallis, Oregon I called Sean TheBeaverHeaver Mannion.....I can tell'ya that!!!

And yeah....fer sure we need QB pressure help for AD and Floyd......so I say we draft ER/OLB/DE guys as early and often as we draft Big Fuglies for the OLine. :idea2:
We saw what an unhurried Aaron Rodgers did to us in our Playoff loss.....the Packer QB diced us up like he was making a Tofu salad.

We need to start planning for Obo's replacement....that kid just does not have it so far.....and he's also Reggie's #1 Lifeguard for 3 years in a row now!!! :roll2: Enough with this pretender from Oklahoma already!!! :x Say what ever you want about Ebukam, but the guy was a gamer....never ever missed a single game in 4 seasons with Los Ramos!!! :arrow2: 8-)

I am also not too worried about our TE situation.....
I mean, after all...
we have that Ram Record-Setting Tight End,
Tyler StudOfDecember2019 Higbee.....so what else do we need eh??!! ;) :arrow2: :lol2:

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