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We have the #1 defense in the league. But we haven't put a point on the board, which is okay but still, a defensive score is the icing on the cake.

Last year we had 5 scores:

Week 4 Peters had a pick 6 vs.Tampa
Week 7 Darius Williams returned a fumble at Atlanta
Week 9 Fowler had a fumble return and Donald had a safety at Pittsburgh (and we still lost!!!)
Week 12 Rapp had a pick 6 at Arizona

We should have had one Monday in Tampa when Brady's arm was hit in the end zone AND Donald was held in the end zone. Should have been a safety at least and a fumble return TD at best.

Is it just a matter of time?
Who's going to score for the defense?

It's been well over 2 years since we had a ST score.
Pharoh Cooper had a KR TD @ Jax in week 6 of 2017
Blake Countess had a blocked punt TD in week 3 of 2018

So what's going to happen first, a special teams TD or defensive score?

 by snackdaddy
1 month ago
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I gotta think defense will score first. Littleton was our punt blocker extraordinaire. Not sure our special teams has the capability of return for TD. I just want them to cover kickoffs and punts without a big return.

 by Hacksaw
1 month ago
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As long as they stop the bad guys I'm fine with no scoring. Let the O do that.
If they do score mo betta.

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