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 by Zen_Ronin
1 month ago
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Hacksaw wrote:Didn't Mosert have to leave the game early?

Yup, he's going on IR as of today. High ankle sprain.

1 month ago
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aeneas1 wrote:yeah, but the obvious prob with this is that since 2017:

when scoring 20 or less:
rams are 4-11 (.267)
league 159-579 (.215)
no team has a cumulative winning record

when scoring 30 or more:
rams 25-5 (.833)
league is 370-74 (.833)
31 teams have a cumulative winning record

the notion that the rams (or any team) can maintain a winning record in games they score 20 or less is simply not realistic.

rams, scoring 20 or less:

2017 - 4 times in 17 games
2018 - 2 times in 19 games
2019 - 5 times in 16 games
2020 - 3 times in 6 games

That could be a problem if we continue to score 20 or less. But there's also these numbers:

Prior to 2020 2-10
2020 2-1

I don't know why we only ran 9 times in the first half. Seems like once we recommitted to the run we moved the ball.

Eun the damn ball!!

 by HellRam
1 month ago
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aeneas1 wrote:last night the niners offense looked just like the 2020 rams offense from the first 5 games, the niners even ran inside handoffs off of jets, i felt like i was watching the rams offense decked out in white/gold/red uniforms.

in fact mcvay has seemed to mimic shanny's offense more and more during the last couple of seasons, culminating in what we've seen this season, an increased usage of double tight end sets, a tonnage of short passes dependent on yacs, over the top usage of play-action, and a heavy dose of ball / clock controlling runs.

True that.

What's been frustrating for me is we all thought it would be our oline that would possibly hold us back. Ironically they have been really solid and the offense still gets stagnant.

 by ramsman34
1 month ago
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Speaking of the scoreboard/schedule header, should the whiners game be changed into the blue unis column? I am interested to see how The W/L record shakes out as it relates to the uniforms.

Frankly, I hope theY don’t go all blue again. Sol or Bone pants with the blue jerseys please. I believe they can wear any pants they want and only the jerseys are regulated. But I could be wrong on that.

 by snackdaddy
1 month ago
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I'll admit I am concerned about the Rams right now. Our only wins are against opponents who are a combined 5-18-1. The Cowboys have two wins. Those were against teams who were winless at the time and only got their first win this past weekend. Playing other teams with just one win.

I'm more concerned about the defense. I think McVay will correct some things on offense. He's too good an offensive mind not to. But the defense allows those short plays to turn into bigger ones. Instead of a quick out gaining 3 or 4 yards they always gain 8-10 yards. And it sure feels like there are a lot of wide open receivers running through our secondary. It coulda been a lot worse because Garoppolo missed a few open receivers.

 by ramsman34
1 month ago
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I feel the same Snack. If the tackling alone improves, the rest should fall in line. But, until they beat some - not one - higher quality opponents, this team will probably be middle of the pack. Not a real impressive 4-2. But, 4-2 nonetheless.

 by CanuckRightWinger
1 month ago
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I think it is accurate to say:
Thus far, the 2020 Rams Offense seems very inconsistent. :idea2:

I also think that it is accurate to say this:
Thus far, when the 2020 Rams Offense gets inside the RedZone, it is consistently sporadic and misfiring. :idea2:

In other words....
The RedZone seems to consistently be Sean McVay's kryptonite. :shock2:
(okay, that was just for the millennials out there who were confused by the two opening statements ;) :arrow2: :lol2: )

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