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 by Zen_Ronin
2 weeks ago
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Pro Bowl

I remember being where the Giants are for YEARS! I look forward to getting another tick in the win column, but it's hard to dunk on a fanbase who is seeing their team go through an absolute low point.

Rams put up at least 42.

If the Giants get to 10 I'll be amazed.

 by ramsman34
2 weeks ago
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Elvis wrote:

Los Angeles Rams
#LARams transaction: Terrell Lewis has been designated for return.
4:42 PM · Sep 30, 2020 from Thousand Oaks, CA·Twitter for iPhone

 by Elvis
2 weeks ago
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ramsman34 wrote:Beware the trap game Rams. Giants D played the run well against the whiners who are an excellent run team.

Agree. When all signs point to a blowout, doesn't always playout that way...

 by DirtyFacedKid
2 weeks ago
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Elvis wrote:Agree. When all signs point to a blowout, doesn't always playout that way...

Tampa Bay 2019

 by Elvis
2 weeks ago
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Rams Defensive Coordinator Brandon Staley – Media Availability – September 30, 2020

(On the last series against Buffalo)
“It's certainly a heartbreaker. Things like that happen in the NFL. I felt really strongly about our group going into that series. We certainly played a really good third and fourth quarter. I felt like we had all the momentum. I feel like we have a really good two-minute operation, really good players to thrive in two-minute. It was one of those two minutes that we'll never forget, for sure, but there was just a lot of things that happened that are just kind of uncommon. A lot of just weird, just a strange chain of events. But, it felt like we certainly were operating how we wanted to – packing them up in those third-downs. I mean, it happened twice where we got outstanding pressure, really the whole drive we had outstanding pressure, throughout the game we had outstanding pressure on the quarterback. He was making some big plays. We felt like we got them in exactly the type of situations we wanted them in. On the first, third down we were in a coverage that we play a lot that really eats that concept alive. Our rush plan wasn't executed well on that particular play. We had a guy slip and then we lost the edge to the quarterback’s right. If we keep that edge, I think (DL) Aaron (Donald) probably finishes the game there, because he was coming free. But, when the quarterback moved, it kind of distorted some of the coverage and he was able to get it up and down. I thought we responded after that. I felt like we got him again, in obviously, a favorable down in distance, we almost sacked him twice. He had the penalty, got him in another third-down and long and we're in a really good coverage and we just had a player slip. I think that if he doesn't slip, if you look at that play closely, he's either finishing the game with an interception or certainly a pass breakup at the minimum. It’s just one of those things that, we were unlucky on that particular play. Then on the fourth-down, we were in a call that we really loved and got outstanding pressure, forced a throw way before he wanted to. Unfortunately, we got the call against us and then we still had a chance to respond after that and they made a good play. There are a lot of things to learn from on that last series. I know that it's going to bring us closer together. We know that we take full ownership for what happened, and we'll learn a lot moving forward.”

(On dealing with the mobility of Bills QB Josh Allen to prepare for Giants QB Daniel Jones)
“(Bills QB) Josh (Allen) is a unique player. This will be the fourth quarterback in a row, like you mentioned that has legs. (Giants QB) Daniel (Jones) is an outstanding mover in the pocket. He’s got real speed, he's a 4.5 (second 40-yard dash) guy and he's big. He's got good size. Josh has certainly earned his way in this league, as you guys saw. We had a lot of free shots on the guy, we had consistent pressure throughout the game. I think that's one of the things we look back on, if we had finished better on the quarterback then that game is certainly going to be a lot different. But with that being said, you’ve got to give credit to Josh Allen. He earned a lot of that stuff and he did it to everybody down the stretch last year, New England, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Houston in the playoff game. He’s an outstanding player. I thought we made it tough on him. He made a lot of good plays. This week, we'll learn a lot from that. There are definitely some circumstances where we can tighten up our rush plan. Maybe add a fifth rusher at times six rusher to help with that. I take full ownership of that and moving forward, we're really excited to get better.”

(On whether giving up 35 points at Buffalo is part of growing pains on a new defense)
“I think, we're not going to be using being a new defense or the offseason as excuses there. We certainly wouldn't do that. We've just got to execute our stuff better. I think that some of the big plays were Josh making a play, but we gave up too many where we missed the tackle. I didn't think we tackled very well in the first half. That led to kind of us getting out of rhythm and led to some of their momentum. We had a couple of miscommunications for sure. I personally need to do better for these guys and things that our guys know. I think that that was the good thing. The positive after the game was being able to look at the tape and being able to say, ‘Hey, we sure this up and we're on our way.’ And you know what? We did a lot of good things in that second half, playing our brand of ball that was able to contribute to us making that comeback. But, as you mentioned – explosions and takeaways when the day in this league and we didn't do a good enough job limiting the explosions in that game.”

(On adjusting following a player’s injury)
“We’re fortunate we've got safeties that are really interchangeable, that they can do a lot of the same things. So, we felt very comfortable moving forward with (S) Taylor (Rapp) and (S) Terrell (Burgess) stepping in as well. Then, we know (S) JJ (John Johnson III), we know how he is and his versatility and his command, so we felt confident. Any time you lose player like (S) Jordan (Fuller), it stings, but we have full confidence in those guys to play equally good football and (Safeties Coach) Ejiro Evero does a really good job coaching those guys. I felt like as the game went on, we played clean ball and we expect to improve every time we go out as a defense right now. But, every time we go out, we get better and I think that that's the goal. I thought that that's what happened throughout that game and we'll make sure that whether Jordan's available or not, that those safeties are ready to go.”

(On the approach with Head Coach Sean McVay towards defensive game planning)
He’s (Head Coach Sean McVay) heavily involved getting the plan ready on offense. So, we kind of are separate to begin the process on a Monday certainly. Then most of Tuesday, and then we connect usually at the beginning of the evening or the later evening and talk about, ‘Hey, this is where we're headed. This is what we like.’ Make sure that we're connected on both sides of the ball and how we want to play the game. That's equally as important is how do we want to play this game as a team? It's not just two different sides of the ball, it's three sides of the ball playing together. So, we kind of talk to each other about that and then make sure that practice and walkthroughs are ready to go for today.”

(On how empowering it is to have Coach McVay put that trust in him)
"Yeah, I'm so grateful for our relationship. I feel like, as I've mentioned before, I think we see football the same way. I think that if he was a defensive coordinator, I think that he would call the game similarly to how I would and I think I would call the game similarly to how he would, if I coached offense. I think that that's what kind of brought us together. I think that he's such a great voice throughout the week and on game day to be able to bounce things off of and we've got a tremendous coaching staff who are as equally connected to Sean. That's why we feel really confident in our thing, but certainly, going into a game plan and going on game day, we're completely connected, and I benefit tremendously from his partnership."

(On what he credits second half play improvement and adjustments)
"I think the relationships with our guys is big, because you have to adjust quickly and I felt like in the first half, it was more our finishing. I think that we did not tackle well after that first drive. We had plenty of opportunities to get into negative-play situations throughout that first half. If we can execute a finish on a tackle or finish an assignment and I think that kind of got us out of rhythm. I think in that first half, it was kind of a weird field-position game as well and we never got into that rhythm and I think part of getting into a rhythm is getting your cleats in the grass and making sure you're finishing plays. The more plays you finish, the more momentum you create for yourself and I thought we were a little uneven in that first half and then in the second half, we just said, 'Hey, man, let's just hit this reset. Let's play the way we know we can from a fundamental-technique standpoint and assignment standpoint,' and that ultimately brought us back. It wasn't a lot of magic in the game plan per se. It was just our execution improved and then our results improve."

(On what that's like to find that type of mental fortitude)
"I can't say enough about the makeup of our team. I think it starts with our personnel people here and our ownership, bringing in the right type of players and coaches and the belief that we have in each other. The belief we have in the offense, the offense’s belief in the defense and in our kicking game. I felt like you saw that in the second half and we really got it rolling and you could feel it. Now we just have to do that from the first kickoff. I know that if we do that, then good things will follow."

(On describing CB Jalen Ramsey's performance in the game)
"He didn't get a lot of action. He's playing really well. The stat line doesn't express itself that way. He hung in there and did a good job with the other guys throughout the game. But again, (Bills WR Stefon) Diggs is a great player. We really limited him in the deep part of the field and Jalen was responsible for that. Then on the touchdown, it was just one of those bang-bang deals. It was a great throw. I know that he wishes he would have that play back. Otherwise it's a perfect game for him, but he is playing outstanding football for us – covering, tackling at a high level, communicating and we're excited about where his game is right now."

(On how he deals with veteran plays not making plays that they want to)
"I think we do it with honesty and care. Guys like Jalen Ramsey, guys like (DL) Aaron Donald, you just deal with them directly. We don't expect, even though those guys are superstar players and the two best players at the position in the league, they're not perfect people. They have perfect intentions. They're trying to be perfect out there, giving their best, but I think you just deal with mistakes honestly and with care and I think tell them the truth about what happened and then also take ownership as a coach. We can certainly do better for them, I know that I can moving forward. So, I think we do it with honesty and care and that's what they appreciate. Jalen and Aaron and all of our guys have been outstanding that way."

(On dealing with Giants QB Daniel Jones as a runner)
"It's a real strength of his. Against San Francisco, he had three carries over 15 yards, he was able to get the edge a few times. Then against Pittsburgh, Chicago – those are pretty good defenses. So, this guy has got real athleticism. I think that it's a big part of them moving the chains, especially on third down. As we've seen these first three weeks, and as you've seen throughout the NFL, the mobility and the creativity of these quarterbacks is where defensive football becomes really challenging and I think you're seeing it throughout the NFL. It's tough and a guy like Daniel, he certainly presents challenges for you."

(On diagnosing the areas that didn’t go well in run support)
"On the first, third-and-two, we had a gap-control issue and at the point of attack and then we had a safety end up outside of a crack-block and then it was compounded with two misses tackles, so that was the first one. And then, the second run, on that last drive or towards the last drive, we had an unblocked defender and he kind of went in to one place and the ball went in to another place and it was because the guy in front of him made a late decision. If he makes a quicker decision, it makes it easier on the DB, who is unblocked. Those are things that are completely correctable, but certainly were untimely per se. When things like that happen, it's normally a combination of things. It's normally a combination of assignment and technique and we need to improve."

 by 69RamFan
2 weeks ago
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Pro Bowl

This was the Game I was suppose to go see at Sofi until they cancel all games...

My Prediction:

RAMS 42 to 10

 by RedAlice
2 weeks ago
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Hall of Fame

ramsman34 wrote:The “must be a typo, the Giants are 120 point underdogs”. Had me rolling.

And this, I did not know:
“last time Giants played McVay's Rams he ran up the score 51–17.
he HATES the Maras for what they did to his grandfather John McVay.
Give the points Giants are going to get vaporized“

I did not know this either. Just asked a Giants fan about it.

 by SpeedRacer
2 weeks ago
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I enjoy the TV coverage maps. (Thanks Red for pasting them.)

Its interesting to see things like Balt @ Wash being televised in Dallas and up into Oklahoma. It must just be a division thing because I can't think of an Oklahoma Sooner or other player being the draw for that region.

And for all the Raider/LA twits why is the LA region station choosing the Cheats v Chiefs over Bills at Vegas? Hmmm.

Go Rams!

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