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 by moklerman
7 months ago
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I'm a "tad"(spelled H-U-G-E-L-Y) unqualified to give strength and conditioning advice to professional athletes but I'd be happy to take on the "get back" duties for as much as six figures or as little as proximity to the cheerleaders.

Just sayin'.

 by dieterbrock
7 months ago
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PARAM wrote:Yeah. The video was damning. The police photos showed his girlfriends neck, red and swollen. Her eyes looked puffy and her multiple accounts were consistent and overwhelming. Not to mention his arrest record both previous to and after the incident. Yankee fans suck.

And I apologize for bringing up "Yankees" in the Rams forum. :oops2:

Oh sorry, so much for the “ Look at any thread and sometimes they get off subject. Eventually whether its a Anti homer thread or a defense thread or a offensive philosophy thread, sometimes it morphs into something different. Whenever we hit "submit" we are subjecting our opinion for questions, no?”
Hard to keep up with all your rules Pa

7 months ago
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dieterbrock wrote:Hard to keep up with all your rules Pa

Rules? What did I miss?

Why would you be concerned with rules anyway? You always struck me as a rebel, a mercenary. Prepared to go anywhere and argue anything with anybody. In any thread. I have no problem with that. You want to compare apples and oranges in the process, that's up to you.

 by CanuckRightWinger
7 months ago
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Hey ralphdeiterbrock.....don't look now, but you've just been PA'd (Psychologically Analyzed)! :idea2:

It's a free service offered here at RFU.....for no cost, an unqualified contractor from back East....Keystone State, I think...will PA posters and provide you with your Psych Profile, whether you want it or not!
Did I mention it was free??!! :lol2:

Oh, and don't feel bad about your "SoldierOfFortuneArguer" classification, with the Secondary Flaw of "Clinging To Rules" ....because you could have been classified much much worse....

take me for instance! :shock2:
I'm apparently suffering from "NoPlayoffsComplainer" syndrome, with a Secondary Flaw of "ScapegoatingHater".....but even my Flaw is flawed :cry2: , because I only hated Kromer, and evidently I am supposed to hate McVay too......
but I don't hate McVay! :?

I am so confused....
I think this guy might be grading on a curve, no? :lol2:
j/k!! ;)

Seriously PA, we should just agree to bury the Kromer hatchet, no?
BTW, feel free to get in the last word.....as mocking as you like. :idea2: :arrow2: ;)
As an olive branch, I will admittedly offer up this...
that expressing single-mindedness can clearly be annoying to some. :idea2:

....but let us also remember something smart that Aristotle said:
"Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing."

ME: I think that constructive criticism can be helpful...
but that judgemental stuff can leave a longtime mark!

I have posted this before: "if we all thought exactly the same, what a boring place this would be."

At the end of the day....of course I want the 2020 Rams OL to be great :idea2: ...I mean, why wouldn't I? I've been a Rams fan since 1967....I've wanted Los Ramos to be great every season! :!2: So if the 2020 Ram OL plays acers, there should be enough praise to go around....even to 2020 Ram OL Coach Kromer, right? :idea2:

What say you?


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