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 by norcalramfan
6 months ago
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I hate the Seahawks but I hate the Niners more. Niners just lost to the Falcons meaning the Niners and hawks are tied for first place with one more head-to-head contest. Would love to see the Niners only win a WC berth and have to go on the road in the playoffs.

 by snackdaddy
6 months ago
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I checked the playoff machine. If the Rams beat the 49ers and the Seahawks beat the Cardinals, it looks like the Seahawks would have the tiebreaker even if the 49ers beat them in the final week. By beating the 49ers it looks like we eliminate them from the division title assuming the Seahawks beat the Cardinals. Now wouldn't that be something? Although I'm not sure I could give us a snowball's chance in hell of beating them.

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