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 by snackdaddy
7 months ago
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I'm not a good enough in evaluating line play to determine who's doing good and who isn't. I just know this particular unit is doing much better. Evans wasn't considered as ready in the preseason. But I haven't heard his name mentioned much at all since he started at right tackle. That is usually a good sign for a lineman.

Last night they mentioned how well Blythe was doing when they moved him to center. I know he struggled at RG. Maybe he found his niche at center. He does seem to be doing better now.

 by actionjack
7 months ago
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Please please keep Evans in at RT. The line is finally geling now.

 by Haden
7 months ago
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The kid is good!!! He handled Clowney every time Clowney lined up in front of him. Impressive!

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