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 by Horny Mcbae
1 month ago
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Pro Bowl

Elvis wrote:FYI, gifs need the img tag...

I did Img tag it but it didn’t show.

 by snackdaddy
1 month ago
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Weather report for LA says upper 50's by game time. 10 percent chance or rain which usually means no rain or light sprinkle at best. They tarped the field all night. I don't see field conditions being a problem with this one.

 by AltiTude Ram
1 month ago
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I've seen a bunch of recently bias favoring the Seahawks. Their record is great (10-2).

I think their record has a bunch of one score victories(8-1). The ball seems to bounce their way at the end of games.

All that being said....It's time for the Rams to get a bounce in their step. We've seen the flashes. Show the fans the finished product.

Go Rams!

1 month ago
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Good win. Great defensive effort. Great offensive effort. Now faggettaboutit and get ready for Dallas. Our only concern is beating the Cowboys.............but Minnesota plays the Chargers on the road and Green Bay plays Chicago at home.

 by RedAlice
1 month ago
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SWAdude wrote:First game I am going to this weekend.

Its a lock. 8-5 now. Our Queen has spoken. :)



I hope you and your lovely wife left the Coliseum with happy smiles.

 by ramsrams
1 month ago
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How Seattle played the end around.

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