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 by sloramfan
8 months ago
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Pro Bowl

"what the fuck games have the critics been watching"...

exactly.. he's all over the place..

so think about it.. they have to change blocking scheme, or play call, every time AD is not where he's supposed to be, and the rams know this and call their own defensive play with this in mind...

go rams


 by Kid Charlamagne
8 months ago
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We’ve been wanting more from the other guys who should be taking advantage of the doubling and tripling of AD, now we are getting it. Fowler is having a career year and if Clay hadn’t gotten hurt he might have double digit sacks too, and Ebukam and Obo are making plays too. So, if your objective is to apply pressure then the Rams are doing that, they have 2 more sacks than they had all last year despite AD having a lot fewer.
Last year if you could slow down Donald you were doing good, this year there are 2 other guys hitting the qb besides Donald.
It was great to see him chase the record last year but last night Wilson was surrounded for much of the game which is what you want to see.

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