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 by ramsman34
9 months ago
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Sadly, we really might struggle to get 5 wins. Then again, maybe some of the “next man up” gang might actually improve team play. Regardless, a winning season seems like a tough challenge. Playoffs, pretty unlikely as it stands.

 by Rams the Legends live on
8 months ago
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In the last two years I have found we are more dominate. Had the ability to impose our will. This year we look like we are taking what we are given and are lacking in the dominance and ability to force our will. This is a good test for McVay and will let us know what we really have at the end of this year. It is always easiest to coach when things are going your way. However now that challenges are being thrust upon us we should be able to see what our coaches and players truly are made of in the fire of adversity. So having no clue of the future here is to fingers crossed and heart full of hope that at the end of this year can raise a glass and say we came through it.

 by DirtyFacedKid
8 months ago
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I'm OK with however this all plays out. That said, it's a positive that we really get to test the quality of our depth. We may find a gem or two that were looking for their opportunity.

 by Dick84
8 months ago
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The sky is falling. Can the Rams stop it?
Well... the Oline is going to need a major turnaround, can that happen?
I think that’s the only question that matters.
Defense was good enough to win... they have enough weapons.
Goff can’t thrive without a high functioning Oline.

That’s really it.

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